10 Tips for Taking Perfect Family Photos

What to Wear for Family Pictures | The Woodlands Family PhotographyCapturing your family in a photo is such a special way to remember a moment in time together. Everyone looks their best when they’re happy and natural, so here are 10 tips to help you take the perfect family photo every time.


  1. Get everyone on the same page – quite literally! Make sure everyone in the photo is looking at the camera and smiling.


  1. Consider the background – is there something in the background that might take away from the subjects of the photo? A busy street or park with lots of distractions might not be the best place to take a family photo. Rather, choose a location with a nice, simple background.


  1. Use props – props can add fun and personality to your photos. If your family enjoys beach vacations, consider taking some photos with beach balls or umbrellas. If you have young children, they might like to hold onto their favorite stuffed animal or toy.


  1. Take advantage of natural light – sunlight always makes for the best photos! If you can, take your family photos outside during golden hour (the hour before sunset) for that beautiful, natural lighting.


  1. Utilize candid shots – sometimes the best photos are those that are candid and capture your family in their natural element, laughing and playing together. Don’t be afraid to put down the camera and join in on the fun! Hence, look at SEMO Family Photographer.


  1. Get everyone involved – try to involve everyone in the photo, even if it means getting creative with angles and positioning. If you have a large family, you might want to consider taking a group photo as well as individual photos of each person with smaller groups or alone.


  1. Edit judiciously – it’s okay to edit your photos to perfection, but don’t go overboard! A few small edits can make a big difference, but too many edits can make your photo look unnatural. 


  1. Plan ahead – if you have an important event or milestone coming up, start thinking about what kind of family photo you’d like to capture ahead of time so you’re prepared when the moment arrives.


  1. Be patient – if you’re trying to get a photo of young children, be patient! It might take a few tries (and maybe some bribery!) to get that perfect shot, but it will be worth it in the end when you have a beautiful picture to cherish forever.


  1. Have fun! – above all else, make sure you’re having fun while taking your family photos. If everyone is relaxed and enjoying themselves, it will come across in the final product.



Family photos are such cherished memories that will last long after your kids have grown up and moved out of the house. By following these 10 tips, you’re sure to take perfect family photos every time!