5 Ways To Wear Baggy Pants Without Looking Fat

The baggy pants come in many shapes and colours, but the trick is knowing how to combine them so that the end does not end up gaining extra kilos without even having them.

There are straight, culotte, palazzo and flared ones produced by the pant factory (โรงงานผลิตกางเกงwhich is the term in Thai), so pay attention to the following tips:

Pants With A Blouse Tucked In

If you are going to wear trousers with darts, paper bag pants or they are not of the bohemian style, always try to wear blouses and shirts tucked inside the pants.

With Crop Top

There are different types of short blouses; some come with geometric cuts like the one in the image. But if your abdomen is not completely flat or it makes you a little uncomfortable, you can wear the pants to your waist and a short blouse with volume It will look great!

With jacket

A jacket will give a more street and casual look, to wide dress pants. If you don’t have a leather or biker jacket, anyone can work as long as the cut doesn’t go past hip length.

Printed And With A Neutral Colour Blouse

The patterns that will make you look thinner are stripes and in dark colours. Choose blouses that are neutral in colour and lighter in colour so that your figure both above and below is balanced.

Pants Length 

Not only does the design of a pants matter, but it also has a lot to do with how high your body is. If you are short, use the ones with a cut above the ankles so that you can wear them with high-heeled shoes and your legs look longer.

Neutral With A Printed Blouse 

In the same way, you will give personality to your pants, but at the same time, they will highlight your blouse, remember that print with print is too much. Look very well in the direction of the lines, avoid that they are horizontal.