A Guide for New Members of aa meetings in new york

As a new member of AA, you may be feeling very excited and anxious all at the same time, AA is an exciting place filled with wonderful members who have experienced many things in their lifetimes.

Newcomers are often fascinated by the stories of what led these people to take that first step toward a better life. As much as you want it to be true, not everyone who has walked through those doors had a perfect life before they came into it.

In fact, some of them had very difficult pasts that contributed to whatever led them to drink and drugs in the first place, alcoholism runs in families and other environmental factors can also play a role in whether someone becomes addicted or not.

It doesn’t mean that everyone is going to get cravings just because another person walks through those doors; however, there is always that chance, even if your new friend isn’t an alcoholic, there might be something else they need support with so they can find happiness again in sobriety and beyond.

Find a Meeting Near You

After you decide that AA might be right for you, the next step is to locate a meeting near you there are many ways to find meetings near you, from using a telephone or internet helpline to visiting your local library to searching online for meeting addresses.

You might also try asking friends, family, and co-workers for advice about where to go, however, be sure to go to a meeting that is the right fit for you. Many newcomers report that finding the right aa meetings in new york was one of the most important things for them to do when they first started going to meetings. You will probably feel a lot better knowing where you will be going to meetings that day or in the future.

Know What to Expect At Your First AA Meeting

When you walk into your first AA meeting, don’t be too eager to jump right into the topic of your first drink or your first drug, remember that every meeting is different and you don’t want to be rude to the other members.

This is your first meeting, so just be yourself and enjoy yourself, it’s OK to sit back and observe the room and the people in it. The most important thing to do when you first walk into that meeting room is to be here now, don’t be nervous or worried about if you are going to make any mistakes because you will have plenty of time to correct them when you take the time to listen and learn.

Be Prepared for the Spiritual aspect of AA Meetings

Before you even walk into your first AA meeting, try and put things into perspective, think about what might occur during that meeting and what will be happening in the room.

You may notice people praying, singing, or sharing the spiritual principles of the program, this may not be a part of your culture, so if you are feeling uncomfortable about it, just ask the person next to you for their interpretation of what is happening. A

Meetings also include what is called sponsorship. Sponsorship refers to the person who introduces the topic of the meeting. What is important to know is that while the other members of the meeting are allowed to ask questions, they are not allowed to give advice or try to change your sobriety or other beliefs.