Advantages of studying in chiang mai international school

International school education gives a plethora of benefits. Its strength is not only in the execution of courses that are better suited to the needs of today’s labor market and worldwide society, but also in the multicultural atmosphere. We’ve compiled a list of the most significant benefits of attending a chiang mai international school.

  • Curricula from other countries

International schools provide instruction that follows the curricula of other countries. Many of them, however, mix aspects from many systems, such as a curriculum founded on the Thai core and supplemented with features from the British, American, and other systems. Curricula like this are frequently more adapted to the demands of the global labor market.

  • Language learning

Because lessons in international schools are taught in a foreign language (typically English), they provide exceptional chances for language development. These schools also provide a broad choice of foreign language programs, including French, German, and Spanish. Language abilities are validated by suitable credentials that are recognized all over the world, making them a valuable asset on the labor market.

  • Personal grading system

Not only do international schools adopt foreign curriculum, but they also use assessment systems from other nations. They are frequently more motivating and less stressful for children and teenagers than Thailand’s traditional system.

  • The international setting

The multicultural atmosphere is one of the most appealing aspects of attending an international school. Students learn about other civilizations. They get the capacity to work with people who have various qualities, customs, and cultural conventions as a result of this. They also gain tolerance, mutual respect, empathy, and a better understanding of others’ motives, objectives, and ideals. Such an atmosphere aids in the shaping of global citizens who will feel at ease anyplace.

  • Increased labor-market opportunities

Graduation from an international school broadens one’s options in the global labor market. This is especially true of the International Baccalaureate Program, which is highly acclaimed worldwide. Most overseas colleges accept the IB diploma, and companies regard it favorably. A certificate from an international school distinguishes a graduate and attests to a high level of knowledge and ability, giving the diploma bearer a major advantage over graduates from regular schools.

  • A diverse selection of extracurricular activities are available

International schools offer more than just intriguing academic programs from around the world. They also provide a wide range of extracurricular activities, such as foreign language classes, athletics, and artistic pursuits including music, painting, dance, and photography. A wide range of these activities allows students to explore their interests, form their sense of wonder about the world, and educate them how to be methodical in learning new abilities and attaining their objectives. An international school student can get general and professional knowledge as well as social and emotional development as a result of this.