Amazing Glaciers You Should Consider Seeing

A mass of crystalline ice and sediment glistening over you as it moves along its watery path is quite the sight to behold in your lifetime. It’s magical and can have this effect that makes one feel minuscule in this vast world, an emotion that could almost feel scary if it wasn’t so magnetic and hypnotizing. Some of the most amazing wonders of the world you can take a chance to see are glaciers, and with global warming and climate change still ever-present concerns, it may be time to book that trip and capture a glimpse of them before they become a memory of the old world.

Of course, not everyone can just drop everything and see every single one in the world. So, if you can only pick from a handful, here are the ones you can’t miss:

  • Mendenhall Glacier

One of Alaska’s treasures, this is one of the largest icefields you’ll see, and you can even hike it if you’re feeling adventurous. Since it’s located in Juneau, you’ll be able to behold this massive wonder while being in a hotspot for tons of activities like wildlife spotting, fishing, day tours, and whale watching. If you want to get the full experience, you can go for all-inclusive Alaskan fishing trips so that you don’t miss out on any of the goods this chilly wonderland has to offer.

Going for these trips also has the advantage of still providing excellent cell service and Wi-Fi for those who can’t go a day without the connections of modern technology. That said, your phone will likely be the last thing on your mind once you spot the glacier and all the whales and salmon that surround it like nature’s dancers.

  • Franz Josef Glacier

This one’s for the Lord of The Rings fans, as you get to witness Middle Earth itself when you visit this glacier in New Zealand. While the glacier itself is already gorgeous and expansive itself, it’s also the best spot to have a view of some of the most iconic locations in the Lord of the Rings franchise. From the glacier’s access track, you can spot Mt. Gunn, which is where the beacons were lit for Gondor and Rohan.

There are tons of spots in locations atop snowy peaks and vast grasslands that were used in many iconic LOTR moments, but this is the one that can evoke a breathlessness once you take in the view. Plus, it’s one of the glaciers that you have to go to if you want to hike.

  • Lambert Glacier

This location is the world’s biggest glacier, so it’s no easy feat to hike this one (and relatively fewer people do). It’s one of those visits that will likely consist of you simply basking in its presence. You can ride a boat out in Antarctica to see it for yourself, and stand agape at the “river of ice.” Covering a million square kilometers, it’s also one of the fastest-moving ice streams.

Make sure you don’t miss out on witnessing some of these glaciers in your lifetime, as there’s nothing quite like the experience.

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