Change your Living Room Design with these 4 Rug Ideas

While thinking about changing your home design, the first thing that comes to mind is repainting walls. However, repainting is not necessary to change the appearance of the living room. There are many other options that can instantly change the appearance of the room. For instance, rugs.

Rugs are a great addition to an interior design as it can really enhance the appeal of the room. To complement the home decor, you can easily find rugs of various colours, textures, patterns, sizes, and shapes in the market. If you are not sure how to design your living room with a rug, mentioned below are a few rug ideas to completely transform the space into a living room that will fetch you a lot of compliments from your guests:

1 ) Add a graphic rug

The living room is the first room that your guests will see and form an first impression of your home. One of the most effective rug ideas in a living room design is to put down a graphic modern rug in the room. Although people always install artwork on the walls, you can become a little adventurous and get a rug with striking lines to increase the appeal of the floor. The room will feel like a gallery.

While choosing a rug for the living room, you will have numerous options in hand like going for abstract strokes or geometric patterns. You can also buy rugs that feature irregular line designs to make the room appear artsier. Always ensure that you choose a colour that complements the colour of the other elements in the room.

2 ) A bohemian rug is the perfect option

Do you want to make the room appear more vibrant and colourful with interesting patterns? You can do it very conveniently without painting anything in the room. Simply add a bohemian rug to the room with a colourful velvet sofa and your room is ready to receive guests. Also, you can go as experimental as you want to because the bohemian style includes a lot of artistic and busy patterns.

While designing your living room with a bohemian rug, you do not have to follow any rules. You can be as experimental as you want to be. There are a variety of things you can add to the room to complement the rug like an African mud cloth, batik style, or even throw pillows with boho patterns.

3 ) Incorporate a fusion of mid-century and modern styles

If you want a sophisticated and modern look with a touch of mid-century design, adding a rug is the ideal solution. Rugs that feature a mix of history and modernism pull all the attention towards them in a room. Also, they are available in numerous colours, styles, designs, and patterns so that you can choose one that fits your personality and style.

An area rug is often the perfect match for vibrant surroundings. To add more drama to the room, find rugs with bold patterns and bright colours. A muted graphic print rug is also a great idea in an up-to-date living room design.

4 ) Unveil the living room’s beauty with a shag rug

Shag rugs are those that appear quite messy and have a lot of textures. Although they appear a little messy, they certainly have a very elegant and beautiful feel. There are many colour, pattern, and texture options available so that you can easily find the perfect match for any home design. Compared to other types of rugs, they are quite unique as they look quite soft and comfortable. You can find them made of various materials like wool, polypropylene, polyester, faux, leather, acyclic, fur, etc.

These rugs are considered very kid-friendly due to their soft texture. It will allow them to move and crawl over a comfortable surface without getting hurt. So if you have kids then your home design should include one of these options.