Essential Oils and More: Affordable tips for a less stressful and quality life

It seems rare to find someone who hasn’t experienced anxiety or stress at some point in their life. Life isn’t always perfect, and growth can be stressful and intense at times. Experts say around 80% of workplace incidents stem from stress in general or stress-related issues, including fatigue or distraction. It has been reported that the COVID-19 pandemic is a significant source of stress for 8 in 10 adults. With all the craziness of the pandemic, everyone could use less stress in their lives. Here are six tips for a less stressful life.

Get regular exercise: Exercise can be a huge source of endorphin release, which will reduce stress levels. The benefits of exercise aren’t solely for stress relief but can help you live longer, have less pain, and be happier.

Eating balanced meals. Eating lots of fruits and vegetables, getting a good portion of grains, water, and fats will significantly affect your stress levels. Eating balanced meals will give you more energy to do your daily tasks and help you have balanced hormones, reducing stress levels.

Use quality essential oils. Essential oils are derived from certain plants and are concentrated into oils. Scientists thoroughly research and create essential oils to benefit your health in specific ways to fit your needs best. The oil benefits range from anxiety-reducing to scar repairs and everything in between. Essential oils are a huge source of stress relief.

Practice meditation. Meditating and mindfulness can allow for self-reflection, paradigm-shifting, and a relaxing experience. Applying essential oils topically or through a diffuser before meditating can result in enhanced stress-relieving experiences.

Get 7-9 hours of sleep each night. When you don’t have the energy to get things done, it can lead to a downward spiral of stress.

Unplug from electronics. Electronics can become our biggest nightmare when it comes to being productive. Being on technology can also disrupt your circadian rhythm due to the LED produced by the screens. This can mainly disrupt your sleep schedule by causing you to be less tired at night and more tired in the mornings. Taking time to unplug, reflect, and receive that dopamine rush through other modes will be a great stress reliever in your life.

Exercising regularly, eating balanced meals, using quality essential oils, practicing meditation, getting adequate sleep, and unplugging from technology can significantly help reduce stress in anyone’s life. The use of essential oils can especially decrease your stress and help you on your path to healthy living. In addition, there are essential oil companies like CureOils that have affordable and quality products that can help you on your health journey in a way that’s affordable for all.

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