Gender Reveal vs. Baby Shower: Can You Throw A Combo Of Both?

Though challenging, pregnancy is a delicate and fulfilling process that brings memorable moments for the expecting couple and their loved ones as well.

Today, several ways can be done to commemorate this life milestone. While baby showers are traditionally done, couples now also do gender reveal parties to spice up the way they and their closest of families and friends know if the baby is a boy or a girl. Either occasion, preparations are needed to be accomplished to ensure they are done successfully (these include hiring a Catering baby shower and gender reveal company).

Now, the question is: Can couples throw a combo of both to make things more efficient?

Baby Shower vs. Gender Reveal

As mentioned, baby shower is the more traditional way of celebrating a woman’s journey towards motherhood. This event is meant to literally shower the baby with gifts — coupled with some delight cake-cutting and munching of delectable meals, courtesy of a catering baby shower expert. It’s done around four to eight weeks before the expected birth date to ensure that indeed, a healthy baby is arriving.

In earlier decades, baby showers are only meant to include female guests. And the expecting mother isn’t the one busy preparing for the occasion — it can be her sister or her best friend. In modern times, things have evolved and baby showers are now open even for the male family members, friends, and colleagues of the expecting mother (including the husband, of course!). With a more diverse set of attendees, baby showers have become more fun and enjoyable.

Gender reveal, on the other hand, is a more recent thing that hyped up the excitement about knowing whether the baby is a boy or a girl. It’s commonly done relatively earlier in the pregnancy phase (after the couple becomes knowledgeable of the gender of their baby). The usual repertoire includes having games, eating, and most importantly — the ultimate reveal. It’s open for both male and female attendees, and the expecting couple typically helms the event.

The Perks of Throwing a Combo of Both

There’s no definite answer as to whether a baby shower and a gender reveal can be done separately or simultaneously. It all depends on the couple!

If you’re expecting and still undecided, here are some perks you can enjoy if you choose to do the latter.

It saves you time. Undoubtedly, preparing for parties (whatever it is) requires quite the dedication — and truthfully speaking, it’s time-consuming. By rolling the said two occasions into one, you will definitely save a lot of time.

It’s more cost-efficient. Not only will you save time, but you will also save money. For instance, your catering baby shower company can now serve as your caterer for your baby shower-and-gender reveal party.

It’s also more convenient for the attendees. Combining these two parties will also be more efficient for your attendees — especially if they are professional people who are also busy with many other things.

It helps you focus more on your pregnancy. As you’ve thrown a combo of both parties — and subsequently saved time and money — you as a couple can now have the resources and the energy to focus on your pregnancy.

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