Helpful Tips T-shirt Design 

polo shirt design invoices lots of creativity. Whether you’re a typographer, graphic designer, or illustrator, designing your T-shirts can be very appealing.

However, the process can be overwhelming. Here, we will reveal a few of the best tips for printing your T-shirts.

Take Time to Explore your Idea

Sketch your T-shirt design, relax, take a walk, and take your time; always try to explore other ideas.

Detailing is Key but Keep it Simple

Great drawing skill and detailing are always appealing to everyone.

But, having your T-shirt designs pass their messages in its simplest form is vital. A complicated design is a thumbs down.

Consider your Market

What class of people are you designing? Eventually, you want people to wear your designed products

Every good brand designer writes down the target people to attract to the T-shirt design and what appeals to them; takes it from there.

 Keep your Humour Subtle

If you want to include humour to your T-shirt design, keep it subtle. Humorous T-shirts, when done correctly, can turn heads.

Choose the Right Colours

Complementary colours are usually best for your design. Adobe Illustrator is time-saving; you can turn on Global Colours if you’re going to use it.

You can as well use Halftones for the best result of the restrained colours you use.

Prepare your Artwork Accurately

Pantone Colours are excellent when screen printing and are lovely when printed. You can find helpful tutorials for Photoshop or Illustrator.


To get the most out of anything you do, you need to get educate and have an understanding of it.

Be Ahead of the Game

Draw inspiration from the latest trends but avoid copying them. Chances are other designers have advanced to something else by the time you see those trends.