Here’s How To Tell That Your Car Starter Is About To Fail

It seems like car starter problems happen at the most inconvenient of times. Whether you are already late for work or just about to leave the office for the day, a car starter that fails is always a cause of great distress and annoyance. Despite what many may think, starter troubles can occur to anyone at any time, even to car owners who maintain their car well.

Although it might seem like a lost cause, don’t give up! There are ways to predict when a starter is about to fail. Here are a few sounds, signs, and symptoms that indicate your car starter might be giving up soon:

Clicking Sound When Starting The Car

The very first and one of the most obvious signs that it might be time to search for new parts for a Mercedes Benz is when you try to start the car. Upon turning the key, the car should start at once, if it only makes a clicking sound, there might be trouble ahead.

Sometimes the sound can be due to a battery problem, but this can be crossed out of the list quickly. Simply check if the headlights are working, if they are the problem is with the car starter. Usually, after a few tires the car will end up starting, but this sign should not be ignored because the starter will eventually fail and leave you with a dead car.

A Slow Start

Another indication that there is a problem with the car starter is how long it takes the car to start. A driver with a bit of experience under the hood may be able to tell if the issue is because of a faulty car starter or some other car part. For most of us, it is best to take the vehicle to the nearest mechanic for a full checkup.

If the slow start and crank up aren’t due to battery problems or an electrical malfunction, there is a very good chance you need parts for a Mercedes Benz as a starter replacement.

Hearing A Grinding Noise

A sound and sign that the car starter is really about to give up are when it starts to produce a loud and distinct grinding noise. The noise is commonly referred to as freewheeling and is caused by worn out starter gears that can no longer work as intended.

Drivers may also hear this alarming grinding noise when they need to restart the car after it has already started running. Either way, any kind of loud noise coming from your vehicle, should be checked and fixed right away.

Road Safety Is A Priority

As soon as you start noticing car troubles, whether they are caused by the car starter or some other car parts, it is best to get the vehicle checked right away. Car troubles in the middle of traffic or in the middle of nowhere is not a fun experience for anyone. When on the road, your safety and the safety of everyone else is always a priority, so get your vehicle checked and replace parts that need replacing as soon as possible!

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