Home Automation In Lighting

Surely you think that to control a few simple lights, it is not necessary to automate the systems. However, one of the biggest advantages associated with home automation in lighting is energy saving. This comes from two sources, on the one hand, the type of lights used have a lower consumption and, on the other, home automation, with which we achieve a much more efficient use.

Among other things, having automated home LED bulb (หลอด ไฟ led which is the term in Thai) reduces the silly expense of, for example, leaving the light on when leaving home or a room.

Advantages Of Home Automation In Lighting

We have already commented that the biggest advantage of this system is the savings of being able to control the lighting remotely or that it works automatically. But we not only have this advantage, let’s see some more.

Physical Security

Imagine a home where an elderly person lives, gets up at night and does not reach the light, so he starts walking in the dark. It can end in an accident that compromises his physical health. If the light comes on when you notice movement, this problem would be solved.

In companies, we talk more about heritage security, with lights that come on when detecting outside movements or strangers. Although it may seem a lie, home automation systems can memorize who enters the room and adapt the lighting to it.

Durability And Practicality

If we have good lighting equipment and use it most efficiently, the lights last longer, increase the life of the bulbs. If you add Led t8 bulb (หลอด ไฟ led t8 which is the term in Thai), which already last longer, you won’t have to worry about lighting for a season.

This is a great advantage for a house, but imagine for a large company or an industry: the more lights, the greater the savings.

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