How An Emirati Citizen Can Get Indian Visa Promptly?

United Arab Emirates is a developed country in the Southern Peninsula. Nowadays, it has become easy to travel to any country without too many formalities. Travelling all over the globe has become a dream for every citizen of almost every country. India is such a diverse and vast country that is difficult to cover all its cities even in 6 months.

An Emirati citizen can apply for his passport before he applies for visa for a specific country. Indian embassy will approve his essential documents when submitted. It might take few days but Indian government is trying to make this procedure more rapidly for the ease of travelers. Getting India Visa for Emirati Citizen is a crucial part of their journey and these points will assist him so he is needed to follow the following steps for travelling to India:

  1. He must have a legitimate Emirati or Arab passport with him before applying for the visa, either travel, transit, business or sports. The passport should not be reached near its expiry date. He should already extend its renewal date before applying for the visa.
  2. Some 51*51 dimension passport sized photographs for verifications. It is assumed better if the photographs are presented in front of a white or light colored background.
  3. Photocopies of each and every document and photograph should be with the applicant, in case of any mishaps.
  4. The documents should also mention the transit journey of the flyer, if any.
  5. A credit card with a little more than the limited credibility is needed to have with the applicant, in case of any emergency.
  6. The process to apply for visa is very easy but it just takes right amount of private information of the candidate and documents to collect.
  7. Nowadays the payment methods are very effortless and the transactions do not take longer time.
  8. After applying for the visa, the candidate should regularly check the status of his visa, if permitted or not. He can visit the official site of Indian embassy to collect his status.

He has to give his current e-mail address, on which the Indian embassy will sent him the final information and position of his visa form. The final pronouncement will be delivered to his given e-mail within 4 to 5 working days. Each candidate is allotted a reference number which helps him in checking his visa status time to time. When the visa is finally granted to the candidate, he is needed to print out the hard copies of every document related to the visa granted.

The candidate should have proof that he can stand all the expenses while being in India, in case of any medical emergency, theft, or something like that. If they have any known in India who will cover their expenditure then their detailed information will have to be submitted by the Indian embassy too. The comprehensive plan of an Emirati citizen should be mentioned in the embassy, for they are responsible for everything that happens with the foreign citizen while in India. By considering these points, it is easier for any Arab citizen to fulfill their wish of visiting India.