How long does it take to have plastic surgery?

Deciding and taking any plastic surgery is a huge step. Learning as much as possible about the operation you want to perform is a brilliant idea. If you have any questions concerning the plastic surgeries and how long they take, the answers are right here.

There is no particular period associated with the prolonged force of plastic surgery. No matter what surgery you receive, the ageing process continues. Even the day after the operation, the clock continues to tick. Thanks to various plastic surgery, throughout the ageing process, you will look better and fresher. A facelift at the age of 65 means you look better at the age of 70 and 75 years than you would without surgery. Europe surgery are very competent in offering the plastic surgery services. Below are some of the procedures that one may go through and how long they take:

Breast implants

It is believed that breast implants should be replaced in ten years. That is not right. Breast implants can remain in a woman’s body as long as they retain their shape and are in good condition. If a woman decides that she wants the size of the implants changed, or there is a complication, they can be replaced.


A facelift is usually effective for about seven to ten years, although, there is no specific number of years that a facelift can last. Certain factors can play a role in prolonging the effects of a facelift. For example, patients who are not exposed to the sun without sunscreen, and do not smoke, may receive a long-lasting impact of the operation. Besides, people who have excellent bone structure are likely to have longer-lasting results.


Liposuction results can last a lifetime if you maintain a healthy weight and stay fit. If you have gained weight after surgery, this may not be the area where the liposuction was performed.

Neck lift

A neck lift takes an average of about ten years. Gravity plays a role in the longevity of this process, so it does not deliver long-term results.


If you receive Botox injections, the expectation is for the results to last for four to six months. The wrinkles appear, and the muscle reactions return after that period. Some improvements occur immediately after the introduction of Botox. For the full results of the procedure, it takes about a week.

Tummy tuck

In terms of lifespan, it is similar to liposuction. A tummy tuck may last for a long time if you maintain physical activity and healthy weight. The level of sluggish skin that existed before surgery does not return, but as you age, the skin becomes paler.

Brow lift

Eyebrow lift results last for an average of about ten years. The type of individual eyebrow tautening and the age of the patient take into account how long the result of this operation will last.


In conclusion, any type of plastic surgery needs to go for a fully qualified, board-certified surgeon to operate. A qualified surgeon who performs your plastic surgery will assure you that you will feel safe and comfortable during the process. Also, if the first operation was performed correctly, then even the second and third will be successful.

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