How Much Blue Meanies Mushrooms Takes to Have the Classic Shroom

A particularly tough type of mushroom, the Blue Meanie has its roots in India but can be found growing abundantly in North America as well. Some varieties, called the Winter White, are known to grow up to 30 feet or even more. The more common names for this species are Winter Blues and Snowdrops. They are also known by names like Oyster, Bearberry, and Crazy Creek Mushrooms.

The medical term for this magical mushroom would be Panaeolopsis diversicolor, which literally translates to “all colors”. The scientific name, on the other hand, would be Panicum heterophyllum and it is commonly known by such names as Winter Blues, Cloud, Stoned, Golden Delicious, or Crazy Creek Mushrooms. The genus name, Panaeolopsis, simply means all colors of the rainbow. Given that there are several species within this family, including Panaeolurus diversicolor, it is possible that the blue meanies mushrooms are somehow related to the others, but that remains to be proven.

In terms of the effects of the mushrooms on humans, the effects are actually more pronounced than those of most other psilocybin containing fungi. Because the mushrooms contain psilocybin, which is primarily a strong hallucinogenic, users of the fungi will experience an elevated state of consciousness accompanied by an array of physical symptoms. These include a strong, almost jagged urge to move toward light or a feeling of detachment from reality. While this may seem like a difficult thing to achieve, many reports have illustrated that those who grow blue meanies mushrooms usually do feel this way. Users do not necessarily require high doses of the fungi in order to experience this effect, however; instead, the intensity of the effect occurs when the user consumes a very large number of the fungi.

The question of how much blue meanies mushrooms need to consume in order to have this intensely spiritual experience is one that remains unanswered. In general, the larger the amount of mushrooms consumed, the stronger the effect will be. In fact, one common thread has been revealed by those who have attempted to grow the classic psychedelic trip. Those who consume the highest amounts of the classic mushroom shrooms often describe feelings of extreme mental and physical clarity. At some point, the person begins to lose his or her ability to reason properly, as though they have entered a totally alien world.

One indication that a person is not consuming enough of the classic blue meanies mushrooms is the appearance of blue, black, or grayish mold or what appears to be mold on the exterior of the mushrooms. This can often be identified by observing the smell. It is common for the mold to become more pungent as it matures. It is also common for the mold to begin to appear inside the cap. Once the spores reach this point, the chemical reaction is likely to produce the effects of the classic trip.

Today, scientists know very little about the relationship between psilocin and the classic trip, especially when it comes to mushrooms. While many people believe that the classic psilo species are the only species that can produce this powerful trip in humans, there is some evidence that other species of psilocin may also have strong effects. In fact, there are strains of psilocin that are resistant to the stomach acids of human beings, which likely accounts for the ability of some people to consume very large quantities of this fungus. There is no definitive evidence indicating whether other species of psilocin, or psilocin in general, can produce this type of highly concentrated, life-altering trip, but the strong evidence points to the conclusion that this is indeed the case.

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