All the new technological advances happening around the globe have turned everything into smart technology. Smart technology means something that is easier the control and intuitive as well. Turning your whole house into a smart house might feel a bit overwhelming. So, why not start with the Curtains.

Smart Curtains are pieces of fabric of various materials used to hang on the windowsills. The major purpose of these is to cover up the windows and protect the house from the curious eyes of the outside world. Other than that, curtains are also used to decorate the house and add to the theme of the house.

Smart curtains are also pieces of fabric just like your usual curtains. What makes them different is that they are installed with motors and other amplifying accessories. Which are used to control the movement and style of the curtains.

Smart curtains work by using a motor automated system that operates and controls the mechanical features of the curtains. The mechanism of these all work depends on the brand and the manufacturer as all of them vary from each other.

 The main mode by which the majority of the work is as follows.

  • Track-based: these smart curtains use your previous or current rods or rails and the curtains installed on them. You just must install the motor and anchors to the curtains and the rods and they are good to go. This type of smart curtain technology only provides horizontal movements.
  • Roll up smart curtains: this type of smart curtain technology is used to move the curtains in an up and down fashion. In this method, a small motor is used to turn the rod which in turn pulls up the curtains to the top.
  • Motor-on-chain: these smart curtain technologies also work with your previous curtains. By placing a motor on the cord, the mechanism is automated. The motor pulls the curtains up and down.

The motors are usually placed in spaces not visible to the usual persons and do not disrupt the look of the curtains. The motors found that are used with smart curtains are either battery operated or hardwired. Both have their own merits and demerits. So, it is wise to look them up thoroughly to decide which one would be worth installing.

  • Battery-Operated: This means that a small battery pack is connected to the motor which keeps the curtains running up and down.
  • Hardwired: this option replaces the batteries with an stable power connection, but you will need to have a working outlet near your blinds to get things working.

Batteries are considered dependable because a new battery can last you for months. This is because the motor does not draw a lot of power and because this is not used frequently.

Another source of power can be solar panels, the batteries can be attached to one and draw power, but it might not work if the weather is cloudy, and the battery is not charged.