How to check if your website needs dedicated server hosting?

The functionality and performance of a website play a vital role in sustaining and increasing the website’s traffic. So, as the website traffic increases, it also becomes essential for the website to maintain the load time. If the webpage takes too long to load, there are higher chances that the user might exit without viewing the website. Not just that, when the website loads, it is also essential that all the elements, images, contents, links, etc., showcased on the website function well. However, if that doesn’t happen, then it is undoubtedly a concern for the website owner. In such a case, you may have to talk to your hosting provider and look for different hosting plans, such as dedicated server hosting.

Understanding dedicated server hosting

In order to launch a website, it is essential to take web hosting. It is the only way, which will facilitate visitors to see the website. There is a server that hosts the websites. So, it is very crucial to check whether the server is performing well or not. However, in certain cases, when the website’s load time or storage or other features get impacted, it is advised to switch to dedicated server hosting.

In dedicated server hosting, you rent out the entire server from the web hosting provider and manage the entire website through it. In addition, it dedicatedly maintains and handles storage for the website.

Moving to dedicated server hosting

A website will require dedicated server hosting in multiple situations. If your website is facing any of these issues, you may soon have to opt for a dedicated server hosting plan. Read on and learn about them in detail:

  1. High load time:

If the website takes a long time to load or loads at a slow speed, switching to dedicated server hosting becomes essential. Speed is the key criterion behind retaining and keeping your customers hooked to the website.

  1. Extinct storage space:

A dedicated server hosting is required if the user finds out that they have hardly any storage space left and that they are planning to increase the webpages, images, and other elements in the website. Therefore, the storage feature is a very critical element for a website.

  1. High chances of getting hacked:

Having a dedicated server hosting prevents the website from getting hacked. It preserves the security and safety of the website from other trouble-making websites or hackers. When the hosting is shared, there are high chances of getting the security of the website breached.

Choosing the right service provider

The popular and trusted companies that offer dedicated server hosting in India are HostGator, Bluehost, Go4hosting, Bigrock, and Everdata, to name a few.

Your website establishes your identity in a digital space. Hence, when you interact and deal with the world virtually, ensure that your key communication platform, i.e., your website is running well and succeeding in increasing web traffic. Choose a hosting provider who can offer you customised hosting plans suitable to changing needs of your business. By getting a dedicated server hosting in place, you ensure the storage capacity, safety and security of your portal and create a stress-free experience for yourself and most importantly your target audience.