How To Create CSS Spinner Online

Creating a CSS spinner is an easy and fun way to add some style and animation to your website. The spinner is the easiest way to display that something is in progress, it’s loading, or even sometimes just thinking. A spinner should be used when you need a visual representation that something is happening on your page.

What Is A CSS spinner?

A CSS spinner is a spinning graphic that can be seen as a loading animation. They are used to show that something has not loaded yet, or is in progress. Spinning images have been used since then when they became popular with many internet platforms.

How To Create A CSS Spinner Online

If you want to create a CSS spinner online, many sites offer pre-made spinners. Searching online is a great resource for finding free CSS spinners.

  • The first thing you need to do is pick a color. You can use the color picker at the top of the page to choose any color you like.

  • Next, enter your desired text into the box labeled “Text.” Once you’ve done that, click on “Generate” below and wait for your spinner to generate!

  • Once it’s generated, all you have to do is download it – be sure not to change anything in this step or it will lose its animation.

  • You can now upload your spinner anywhere on your website and enjoy the simple process of creating a spinning text animation!

How To Add A Spinner To Your Website?

A spinner should be used when you need a visual representation that something is happening on your page. A spinner will usually take the form of an animation or transition, but it depends on what you’re going for.

To add a spinner to your website, all you have to do is create a span with the appropriate CSS in the style section and use it in the place where you want the spinner to appear.

One way to create a CSS spinner is by using borders and changing their widths over time. This method can take a little longer because every border has to be styled separately and then changed as more content loads. The user’s browser will display the span as part of its normal flow until the page loads fully and clears the span from view.


CSS spinners are a quick and effective way to provide a loading animation in place of a plain loading bar. Creating your spinner is as simple as adding a span of text to the desired location on your website. This text will then have a loading animation applied to it.

One of the most common web design elements is the spinner. It’s used for when a page takes time to load or as an error message. It’s also used as a loading bar.

The spinner can be a simple logo or a loading animation. This guide is to show you how you can create a spinner online.