How to do effective SEO in 2020

SEO or search engine optimization is the method of increase your website’s ranking on a search engine to get more organic traffic. SEO can be an intimidating process for a newbie. Here some of the tips for better seo in 2020.

Use content marketing to increase users’ engagement

Content plays a key role in determining your search engine rankings. You can say that content is the most important factor of SEO. Here are a few things you must keep in mind while creating content:

  • Create content for users. If you want people to stay on your page longer, you have to create content that they would like. You can take help from several free and paid tools to figure out what people are searching for most and create content in that particular topic.
  • Create content that deliver value or a new information. Check your competitors and take a look at what they are providing. Create better content than them.
  • Make sure to install Yoast to make your content more SEO-friendly.
  • Your content’s readability must be good. Break your content into smaller sentences and use subheadings a lot.

Create quality backlinks

Backlinks help you get some good organic traffic which is also helpful in increasing your rank. Make sure to create genuine backlinks on some good sites. Remember that your first link with every site matters most. Other links does not count much in increasing your rank.

Use media in your posts

If you use images and videos in your post, it will create a huge positive impact in your rankings. Posts with media are considered great for SEO purpose.

Some final advice

Make sure that your content matters more than anything else. Even if you are generating traffic in thousands but people are leaving your site quickly, your ranking will decrease. Create content that will hook the readers to your page.

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