How To Have An Amazing Affordable Barn Wedding Venues For Budget-Conscious Couples

Choosing affordable barn wedding venues for budget-conscious couples can make or break your wedding day. It’s essential to find a location that fits your vision, is within your budget, and offers the amenities you want for your special day.

One way to save is by opting for a non-traditional space that doesn’t charge a venue fee. This could include a private backyard or garage.

Look for a venue with great bones

Whether your style is rustic, classic, or modern, barn venues provide versatile inspiration for every aspect of the big day. From farm-fresh menus to rustic save-the-dates and invitations, your options are endless!

Barns often have expansive property that can be used for both the ceremony and reception. That means they have plenty of room for a DJ booth, bar, and buffet lines without the risk of guests running into each other.

Plus, since many barns are in scenic locations, there are countless photo opportunities on the property or surrounding land. That can help keep your costs down if you don’t need to hire as many photographers as you would at a more traditional venue.

Look for a venue with onsite amenities

A full-service barn wedding venue should offer everything you need for your special day. This includes tables, chairs, catering tents, a backup tent for the ceremony, vendor tents, and even a private location for the bridal party to get ready.

Some barn venues sit on farmland with acres of usable space. This allows them to accommodate more extensive guest lists. They also often have ample parking spaces for guests. Let them know if they have unique transportation options like a hayride to the barn or chauffeured vintage cars for smaller groups.

Many barn wedding venues don’t have onsite amenities or indoor plumbing. This can cause various problems, from guests being unable to use the restrooms to the bridal party running into each other before the ceremony starts.

Look for a venue with indoor plumbing

A huge mistake many couples make when choosing a barn wedding venue is selecting one without indoor plumbing. This will create significant problems for the bride, her guests, and her vendors. Imagine the Maid of Honor giving her speech and Pachelbel’s Canon in D softly being played, but all you can hear is the roar of train tracks or semi-tractor trailers passing by.

The good news is that most barn wedding venues offer indoor bathrooms for their guests. Some may even have multiple bathrooms to accommodate large weddings. Another critical feature is indoor lighting, primarily if the wedding will be held at night. This will allow you and your guests to enjoy all of the ambiance that the venue has to offer.

Look for a venue with a private location for the bridal party to get ready

Most barn wedding venues don’t have a private location for the bridal party to get ready. This can lead to significant issues, such as guests seeing the bride before she’s ready to walk down the aisle or even the bride and groom running into each other before the ceremony begins.

To avoid this devastating mistake, ensure the barn you choose operates on firm land use and zoning legal footing. This is easy to do if you know what to look for. If the barn you’re considering is not following the law, you’ll have to find an alternative location for your wedding prep. This could cost you thousands of dollars in extra expenses. A better option is to look for a venue that offers a one-price package model with everything included.

Look for a venue that can handle a rainy day

Barn weddings tend to occur outdoors, so look for a venue that can handle the elements. Find out if the platform provides heating and whether or not the outdoor space has a cover in case of rain.

Make sure you also discuss things like parking and accessibility. Country settings often have slick surfaces and gravel roads that may make it difficult for some of your guests to walk in heels. Consider giving your guests a heads up to bring comfortable shoes or opting for midi or mini-length dresses with low-block heels.

The last thing you want is to have your big day ruined by a bit of weather! Choosing a venue that can quickly move your ceremony indoors or to a covered area will keep your guests happy.