How to Improve Security at Your Home’s Entrance

A home’s entrance is arguably the most important part of it. This is due to the fact that the entrance is responsible for first impressions, security and creating a certain atmosphere for the rest of the house. The entrance often determines the feel of the rest of the home, because it is the first thing you see when you enter it and the last one when you leave. That said, the most essential thing that your home’s entrance is responsible for is keeping it perfectly secure.

 Just like a smart home thermostat manages your home’s temperature and keeps it in check, installing the right gadgets with certain factors in mind will ensure that the entrance to your home is impenetrable by any external threats. The following are some ways through which you can improve your home’s security by making a few changes at the entrance.

Better Lighting

Lighting plays a huge role in visually enhancing any living space. A well-lit space will allow you to see every part of it clearly, and this can be very helpful for security purposes. In order to improve your home’s entrance with lighting, you can make sure that the porch, as well as the path leading up to it is well-lit. This can be done using solar-powered LED lights, since they are reliable, automatic and ecofriendly. Moving inside, you can light the hallway in a way that the entrance to every connected room is properly visible. This makes sneaking in much more difficult.

Smart Locks

One of the things that makes your home vulnerable to intruders is the locks in your house. People tend to overlook this, but locks need to be replaced every once in a while in order to ensure that no one is able to get past them and access your home. Smart locks can make your home a significantly safer place to live in, since they allow you access to your home’s front door through an app in your smartphone. You will no longer have to manually get the door, or see who is outside through a peephole, which can be quite unreliable. Try to do this with all parts of your home with an entrance.

Video Doorbell

If you’d like to see who has visited you before letting them in, a video doorbell is the perfect gadget for you. A live video stream of any activity taking place right outside your front door is will allow you peace of mind, since you will be able to access this from your phone at any point of the day and from anywhere. You can always keep an eye on your home’s entrance, which makes this one of the most reliable ways to secure a home. If you can afford it, a video doorbell should be one of the absolute essentials in your home security checklist.

Motion Sensors

The reason why motion sensors are a good choice is because they can be installed around your home very discretely. You can detect activity in any part of your home that you choose, without exposing one of your most fool-proof methods of home security. Motion sensors can be in the smart lights installed in your home. They can be part of your security camera, or even in the doormat in outside your front door. As soon as any unsuspecting intruders step on it, you will immediately be notified and can immediately take action to prevent a break in. Motion sensors are also a good alternative for those who cannot afford more advanced home security gadgets.

Be Careful with the Keys

While this isn’t something a lot of people give importance to, it is extremely important to be careful about how you distribute the keys to your home. Keys can provide very easy access to your home, which makes it important never to give them away to relatives or friends. Entrance to your home should only be controlled by you, either through a smart lock or through keys which have no more duplicates than are absolutely necessary. Hiding them outside when you leave can also be dangerous, in case you are spotted or the hiding place is discovered by an intruder.

Get a Home Security System

For homeowners who have the budget, a home security system is their best option. With this purpose, you will no longer have to worry about getting individual gadgets for all parts of your home, since they will all be part of the package. While a home security system can be pricey, the benefits it offers are well worth it, especially if you live in a neighborhood that isn’t the safest. This is something which could end up having a significant positive impact on your overall quality of life, since your living space will become the safest place for you to be. 


Home security is every homeowner’s greatest concern. It is what allows them to function within their home in a productive, healthy manner, because it ensures that both their lives and valuables will remain safe from harm. A well-protected home will allow homeowners a peaceful sleep, as well as a better life even when they’re away from home. It is important to ensure that whether you’re on vacation, at work or running some errands, your home remains just as safe as when you are in it; strengthening security at the entrance is a good way to start.