How to improve your betting success in craps

When you are tired of the online casino crapsgame, you can visit a casino and play a table craps there. As you start engaging yourself in the game, you will need to memorize your odds in order to increase your chances of winning. You have to know about the edge advantage that the house has over you with each type of bet that you place. Most of the craps game tend to revolve around number combination which comes up during the roll. The most common numbers are 7, 6 and 8. 2 and 12 are rare to appear due to the fact that, they have to pair up with 1s or 6s.

  • On a come bet or a pass, the house has only a 1.41% edge. Don’t come bets and don’t pass, attract a house edge of about 1.36% which makes them be on the high end of paying.
  • When the bet is more complicated, it is likely that the odds will be in favor of the house. 6 and 8 tend to pay poorly and in most instances, are excluded from the tables. A good way to blow through chips stack then uses preposition bets. 

You need to master some of the common lingo in order to have an easy time to bet. Just like any other casino games, there are terminologies which you will use when playing craps. If you are aware of how the table works, you will be able to follow along even without having to leaf through a glossary of the craps.  But it will be to your best interest to know the terms in order to improve your betting success.

  • In craps, numbers 2, 3, and 12 are usually bad news depending on the type of bet you have placed.
  • When betting on the pass line, you are referred to as the right bettor. When you are betting against the rest of the table by having to bet on the don’t pass line, then you are referred to as a wrong bettor. 
  • The parlay is a betting term which is the same for all casino games. It means adding your stakes to a bet which is winning to another bet. House edge refers to how much advantage the house has given on given bet.
  • Each number has its own slang which at times come up but no need to memorize it. At times a pair of 1s is normally called snake eyes while a 9 is referred to as a centerpiece in craps casino game.

To predict the next roll, you can use the field numbers. In craps, the field is one of the most popular betting areas. It is normally labeled as FIELD and will contain numbers such as 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, and 12. The numbers which are found on the pass line are to be used by players and thus, no need to ask the permission from dealer in order for you to place a bet there.

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