How to remodel your basement in a hurry – with these tips: basement remodeling

When you think about it, what’s the point of having a basement? It’s just an extra room you have to go to when you have guests, or when you have a furniture sale but, what if you could transform your basement into a fun, functional room that you can use for a variety of purposes?

You could store your tools, a media room, a game room, or even a third bedroom, the possibilities are endless with a basement remodel so, what are you waiting for get to work on that basement remodel by learning how to remodel your basement in a hurry!

Decide What Room You Want to Remodel

Before you start any renovations, you need to decide what room you want to remodel which depends on a variety of factors, including the intended purpose of the room, the finish you want, and the style of your house.

If you’re looking to add space, then a basement is a perfect location- you could add a mudroom to the back, or a games room on the first floor if you want some extra space or if you’re making changes to an existing room, you’ll likely want to keep the existing walls and flooring, unless you want a distinctively different room.

Start with the Basement

When it comes to the basement remodeling, you have a few options; you can rough out the floor and walls, dig down and start from scratch or rough out the walls using a power saw, or dig down and start from scratch with a back-hoe.

Refinish the Walls

Refinishing the walls can be a time-consuming and drawn-out process and you may have to refinish the walls several times throughout your remodel this is because refinishing involves sanding, staining, painting, and priming.

Get to Work on the Ceiling

Ceilings are a common area to add space to a house and it’s also possible to add an attic space to a house, so you have another room to create but, before you start any renovations, you’ll want to make sure the ceiling in the room you want to add the attic space in already exists.


Change out the Doors

When it comes to changing out the doors, you have a few options: You can replace the doors with more expensive doors or buy doors that cost less; both options have their pros and cons, so we’ll tell you what we know about the best doors for basements.

The easiest solution is to buy new doors for this will save you a lot of money, but it won’t give you the most for your money. You’ll likely end up with doors that aren’t as quality-feeling as the ones you save money on.

Create a Hallway

If you’ve got a large landing between two rooms, or if you want some more space in between rooms, a hallway is a great way to start your basement remodel; with any hallway project, you’ll need to fill in any holes in the ground where the existing walls were.

Change out the Furniture

When it comes to changing out the furniture in a hallway, you have a few options, you can use the same pieces in the hallway as in the main room, or you can use a different design for the hallways or if you decide to keep the existing furniture in the hallway, make sure to prime and stain the new pieces to match the existing color.