How to Use “Multi-Screen Collaboration”

You must have heard of the multi-screen collaboration launched by HUAWEI. This way of transferring files with one touch is surprising. HONOR laptops and mobile phones that support this function are very cheap. You can buy the Latest HONOR Mobile Phones and laptop to experience these functions. The MagicBook 15, which just came out, is cheap. So how can we use this function efficiently?

The multi-screen cooperative connection step is similar to the previous Huawei Share OneHop. You need to turn on the WIFI and Bluetooth of the computer and mobile phone. And use the back of the mobile phone to touch the tag on the computer. At this time, a pop-up window will prompt you whether to connect. After clicking on the connection, a confirmation window will pop up on the computer. The connection will be successful after confirmation. The “EMUI Desktop” window will pop up on the computer side, displaying the current screen of the mobile phone. If it does not pop up, you need to click the “Multi-Screen Collaboration” button on the app of computer keeper.

After the connection, you can operate the mobile phone on the computer through the keyboard, mouse and touch pad. The operation of the mouse and touch screen is no different from that of clicking on the mobile phone. Typing with the keyboard is the same as typing on a mobile phone. You are using the input method of laptop. The designer sets the up, down, left and right keys and Enter keys as navigation keys. This operation is similar to the mobile phone that used to operate with keys. The Esc key corresponds to the return key of the mobile phone. No matter how long the automatic screen extinguishing time of the mobile phone is. As long as the mobile phone is operated on the computer side, the mobile phone will reduce the brightness of the screen. The mobile phone will turn off the screen after 10 seconds to save the battery power.

In the previous MateBook 14 evaluation, we can see that Share OneHop function has been added to new version of the first half of the year. Multi-screen collaboration further simplifies this operation. Copy and paste with the right mouse button or Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V shortcut keys can copy text on the computer and mobile phone. This is similar to copying text between different programs on a computer. Pictures, videos and other types of file sharing are realized by dragging and dropping. Press the left mouse button for a long time to select files and pictures. Then drag them to the desktop of the computer, Office software or other programs. You can drag files from your computer to your mobile phone. Files cannot be dragged to the desktop. You need to open “File Management” or other apps.

Multi-screen collaboration can be said to be an upgrade based on the traditional ” Share OneHop “. The mobile phone is put on the computer to operate, making the operation more intuitive. Users use it as if they are using ordinary computer programs. Some mobile phone exclusive network content can be used on computers through multi-screen collaboration. With the enhanced clipboard sharing and file sharing functions of multi-screen collaboration, people’s work efficiency can be improved. I hope Huawei can open this function to more mobile phone models in the future. I hope this function can be adapted to more mobile phone APP. People should popularize this practical technology in a wider range.