Ideas For Customizing Plastic Drawers

Plastic drawers are not usually that beautiful (some are pretty dull and ugly, right? lol), but they break the biggest branch in the organization, in addition to being easily found and usually having a friendly price. They can be useful in different house environments, such as in the children’s room to store toys, shoes, etc.

Most have transparent drawers so you can more easily see what’s inside, but many people don’t like that fact, as they don’t always keep tidy. So, for today’s post, we have selected several ideas on how to customize plastic drawers; some are very simple and quick; let’s check it out?

In the drawer (ลิ้นชัก which is the term in Thai) a piece of cardboard the size of the front of the drawers was used, coated with striped paper, which will be inserted inside the drawer and glued with transparent tape. Depending on the thickness of the paper chosen, it is not even necessary to use cardboard as a base. In this case, it was necessary because the paper was very thin.

Next, another inspiration using paper to cover the front of the drawers. We loved the idea of ​​the gradient colors and the transparent labels in the lower corner:

A very thin wooden plate can also be used on the front of the drawers, as in the plastic drawer below. Just cut and fit inside! A simple and beautiful idea!

In the chest of drawers, wood can also be used to personalize it, but on the sides, adding other decorative details. You can use table drawers and transformed them! The structural part was spray painted (sanded first with fine sandpaper, so the paint adhered to the plastic). On the front of the drawers, handles and those metal tags/labels were installed, also painted. The pieces of wood are glued to the sides of the chest of drawers on the outside.

Contact paper, wallpaper, and similar materials can also be used to decorate plastic drawers; see below for some inspiration:

Washi tapes are great options for those looking for a simple and quick way to renovate their chest of drawers. These adhesive tapes have several prints and are very easy to work with. Look how fun it was:

Any leftover fabric there? They can also be used to line the drawers.