Interesting Places In Kyoto

PICTURE-PERFECT RESORTS FOR A PERFECT VACATION - TripotoWhen you go out on a tourist visit to Kyoto and you plan your itinerary right, you will get an experience that will be with you for a lifetime. There are several interesting places to visit as a tourist here. When you have a plan in place, it will be possible to visit the most important monuments around. This is a professional guide on the Kyoto Free Walking Tour that will take you to the most important landmarks around. Enjoy!

 Geisha Experience

The geisha culture is something that you must experience when you are in Kyoto. You have the opportunity to witness more than 200 geikos in Kyoto; you have the opportunity to witness their talents in traditional arts. When you partner with the pros, you get some of the best traditions around that will be packaged for your viewing pleasure. You might be lucky to see a real geisha or maiko on Hanamikoji Street when they are on their way to work. They are not objects; their privacy should be respected.

Kiyomizu-dera Temple

This temple cannot be ignored by those that are on the high side when it comes to handling spiritual matters. It is one of the most beloved tourist spots in Central Kyoto. The main hall is made of wood. There is no single piece of metal, and there are no nails. The name of the temple is after a sacred water fountain. According to legend, the water has the power to bestow health and longevity on anyone who drinks it.

There is a shrine behind the main temple hall. It is dedicated to the god of matchmaking and love. Myths have it that if you can locate the two stones with both eyes closed, your wish for love will be granted.

There is the Kiyomizu temple next to the historic Yasaka shrine. It is only about a 10-minute walk from the Gion Geisha District. Kiyomizu Temple is right next to the historic site. There are historic streets and teahouses in the NinenZaka and SannenZaka areas.


At the Nishiki Market, there are over 100 types of food to try. If you are a foodie, this is a must-visit destination. There is a collection of brilliant chefs at local izakayas and renowned sushi restaurants around. Come early to avoid the rush hour and you will get an excellent catch. There are over 600 different types of fresh food around and countless food stall types.

Sento And Onsen

If you want to experience hot spring baths on your trip, then you must visit Onsen and Sento. If you have visible tattoos on your body, you will not be allowed into the spring here, though there are other tattoo-friendly springs around. There are no onsens in downtown Kyoto; you will have access to multiple sentos, or public baths.

Yasaka Pagoda

Lastly, a visit to Yasaka Pagoda should have a place in your tourist calendar. According to legend, if you crawl beneath the massive stone, bad spells will be banished for good.