Is Zonbase legal? Things you should know

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To say that competition is fierce would be an understatement given that there are almost two million active sellers vying to sell their goods to more than 300 million active users. So, you would typically assume it’s a fraud when an Amazon seller program, like Zonbase, claims to be able to maximize your revenue.  You can read the Real zonbase reviews for more information. 

Key points about the Amazon Zonbase Software

You might not immediately believe it if someone tells you that their product is fantastic. But you’ll probably be more persuaded if someone shows you all the things that particular product can accomplish, isn’t that right? So let’s examine each tool that is part of the Zonbase software:

  • Research by Zonbase

With the help of this Amazon seller tool, you can browse through the site’s 400 million+ item catalogue and find profitable products that fit your company’s needs among its top-selling product categories. Then you can decide which products will give you a better chance of winning a sale.

  • Fresh Products

Finding product ideas with untapped potential is made easier with the help of the indispensable tool Hot Products. While Amazon’s top sellers list is also a helpful tool, Hot Products enables you to find profitable products from the Amazon Top 100 Most Gifted Products of the Day, concentrating on goods that have less than 30 reviews and exhibit rising sales trends.

  • Sales forecaster

How many units you should stock up on can be determined by using the Sales Estimator tool. Additionally, it determines how profitable a product is. If you already have some product ideas in mind, you can use this tool to calculate the monthly sales volume of those products by obtaining their ASINs.

  • Keyword analysis

The Keyword Research tool is a fantastic resource for finding the terms with the most monthly searches. You may optimize your product listing and rank on page one by using the information on their monthly search volume and associated keywords that is also provided.

  • Product Verifier

Even while you may have a specific product in mind, you may not be certain of its demand. You may reduce risk by using the Product Validator service to validate your product alternatives. of failing. Your product is evaluated by the ZonBase team of knowledgeable launch managers, who also give you a thorough report.

  • Chrome Add-On

When you explore to look for product opportunities, the Chrome Extension tool enables you to read details about products at a glance rather than having to open numerous product detail pages. All you need to do is perform an search, install the extension, and then click the ZB button. You have access to useful data using this tool, such as price, BSR, sales history, monthly sales, and more.

  • Reverse ASIN

Utilizing the Reverse ASIN keyword research tool, you may keep tabs on your rivals who have strong Amazon rankings. With the use of the Reverse ASIN tool, you can optimize your product listing by using the top keywords that their item ranks for. By identifying the keywords that they rank for and adding them to your product listings and PPC campaign bids, you can outrank the competitors with this tool.

  • Autopilot PPC

This done-for-you service offers a step-by-step PPC manual to assist you improve the performance of sponsored advertisements. With the assistance of the ZonBase team, PPC Auto Pilot can also assist you in lowering your ACOS and boosting your sales.