Never Get Back Pain – Follow these Basic Guidelines

Backaches are very frustrating. They limit our ability to move, work, and function properly. In the past, backaches and pain were conditions that only impacted the elderly. Now, even youngsters with unhealthy lifestyles can pick up this painful condition. Thankfully, there are simple and proven ways to avoid getting backaches. Firstly, everyone should avoid lifting items that are too heavy for them. When we lift super-heavy items, our backs absorb all the “shock.” These shocks can cause severe inflammations in the back, causing tremendous pain.

How to Cure Back Aches?

If you’re experiencing back pain due to your work-related responsibilities, you need to make serious lifestyle changes. Firstly, increase the strength and flexibility of your core muscles. That means – controlling your body weight and performing exercises to avoid age-related spinal deterioration. Other basic steps include – avoid sitting/laying for too long, maintaining healthy spinal postures, and getting regular physical exercise. The more we stretch our spinal muscles, the less prone we are to backaches and pain.

How to Avoid Getting Back Aches While Working?

If your work involves sitting, walking, or standing for long periods, learn about body postures. Practice the normal standing posture in front of the mirror. In this posture, 100% of your full weight will fall on your back (or spine). When you sit down or carry heavy things, the weight may exceed the 100% threshold. Notice the moments where you put extra weight on your spine. Get up and take a walk if your spine is overburdened for long periods. If you have chronic back pain [ปวดหลัง, which is the term in Thai], seek the assistance of licensed chiropractors. Chiropractors treat people with scoliosis. Scoliosis is the combination of back muscle pain, backaches, and back stiffness. Chiropractors perform subtle adjustments to correct the spine’s positioning. These corrections provide pain relief.