Play Three Kingdom At gclub

Online slot games are one of the most popular casino games played across the globe. They are fun, quick, easy and offers a variety of rewards. With the excitement of playing online slot games, one should understand the responsibility of choosing an online gambling platform that is safe and secure. This search ends at gclub.

gclub is one of the most trusted and reliable online casino and slot gaming platform in Thailand. It offers the best and trendy slot game including Three Kingdom. 

What is the Three Kingdom?

Three Kingdom is one of the trusted names in the online slot world. It has caught the attention of many online gamblers and gclub members. It is one of the slot games that leaves no one disappointed. It gives off the vibes of three Chinese kingdoms that are in conflict with one another. 

Three Kingdom slot game consist of 3 reels, 5 lines and 30 pay lines. You can place any bet on the pay lines, ranging from 0.2 to 10. Each pay lines are multiplied by line bets. These pay lines are awarded from the left to right direction of the reel. To receive the winning amount, you are required to create the highest combination. 

To play this game all you need to create an account on gclub, log in and then click on slot games and select Three Kingdom. Click on the spin button reflecting on your screen, to start the game and let the reel show its magic. You take the prize money home if the same image appears on the reel. The payout depends on the icon reflecting on the screen. The deposit and withdrawal service is quick and easy. You can also opt for the automatic spin of reels by clicking on Auto mode. 

Features of Three Kingdom-

When you chose to play Three Kindom of gclub, it offers you some interesting feature to enjoy such as-

1) Three Kingdome consist of 8 symbols and you need to get any one of them to appear on all the reel at the same time to win. Each symbol has its unique value. 

2) Scatters offers extra free spins to its player,

3) The expand wild grants 10 free spins.

4) If you get lucky with Mega Stack, you may win 15 extra free spins.

5) In the last segment of the Three Kingdom, you may win up to 20 free spin bonus.

6) The maximum winning amount recorded in the history of Three kingdoms is 6,00,000

These are just some of the interesting features that you can enjoy in the Three Kingdom. This amazing game with beautiful graphics and soundtrack takes you to the conflicting world of the Chinese Kingdom that will keep you hooked for hours. So, what are you waiting for, download gclub on your smartphone or access it through your personal computer, laptop or tablets. With gclub, you can also earn unlimited promotions and bonuses that will help you in the long run in the games.