Role of Fuel Drain Eliminator systems

It is a common scenario for an individual to encounter a stuck engine. Not only does this lead to the vehicle losing power, but it also can create a risk of burning out the clutch and causing a serious accident. Fuel Drain Eliminator systems are essential in ensuring that your car experiences minimal damage when such a situation occurs. In case you are wondering what it does exactly, it is a device that ensures the small amount of petrol in diesel engine is removed from the system as soon as the fuel starts flowing.

There are many reasons why an engine may stop running. One of the most common causes is a clogged fuel drain. As the fuel drains from under the engine, a layer of sludge forms on the pipe and metal drain line. As time passes, this sludge grows increasingly heavier. This, in turn, causes the drain line to become damaged and blocked.

A damaged fuel drain line makes starting the car quite difficult. If you were to attempt to start your car, you will realize that a long moment of hesitation and less power makes starting the vehicle almost impossible. However, the problem is not the engine. Rather, it is the fact that the drain line has suffered some damage. Fuel drain lines are made of high-quality material, thus ensuring that the drain line does not easily break.

When checking out the status of your fuel drain, there are a few signs to look out for. Firstly, if the drain line is clogged, you should notice a black oily substance building up inside. You will know that it is clogging the drain line when you feel some pressure on the drain line. Clogging often occurs when a drain line gets completely clogged, which causes an excess amount of pressure to build up inside.

Secondly, check out the drain hole of your fuel drain line. You will notice if there is any kind of debris inside. In case the hole is clogged, you will also observe the amount of debris in the hole. Clogging often causes the drain line to become completely clogged.

Thirdly, you should also observe if your fuel drain line is leaking. Leaks occur often when there is a manufacturing defect and usually happens when there is considerable pressure within the drain line. Leaks cause the metal to corrode, which gradually leads to rusting. In most cases, leaks occur at the connection between the drain and fuel lines.

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