Sex Addiction Can Cause Harm In Your Life; Walter Babst

Sexual desire is a very normal thing of human life. Without it the reproduction system will collapse. It is the base of our reproduction system. But when it goes out of hand then it can cause trouble. Sex addiction is basically a range of behaviours excessively done and it leaves a very negative but significant impact on the person. Too much sex addiction leads to divorce, separation or even it can put you in jail. Sometimes people get indulged into some criminal activities for this reason. So the effect of sex addiction is pretty worse. 

Although medical science has not described sexual addiction as a diagnosable disease but research has proved that adverse sexual behaviour is thus similar to the development of chemical addiction.

Types of sexual addiction:

There are various types of sexual addiction. Each individual has different symptoms. 

  • Pornography
  • Masturbation or fantasy
  • Prostitution
  • Sadistic pleasure 
  • Exhibition or voyeurism
  • Other excessive sexual pursuits

Although, pornography is addiction and sexual addiction are not the same. Pornography is a type of sexual addiction that can manifest itself differently from other sexual addictions. Though these are not labelled as diagnosable diseases, they can cause serious trouble in people’s lives.

Symptoms, types, signs of sexual addictions:

There are several symptoms or types of sexual addiction. It can be emotional, physical, hormonal etc. If your partner is sexually addicted and it’s related to pornography then it must be frustrating for you. It makes you abandoned, lonely, angry and frustrated. The person who is addicted to sex/ pornography is mire drawn towards weird sexual fantasies and hence masturbation. They tend to ignore their partners and that leaves the partner frustrated. In other cases, a sexually addicted person can stay in an unhealthy relationship just because of the physical need. 

They don’t feel the need of emotional attachment. Sex addicts fear of being abandoned. That’s why they don’t feel the need to be attached to someone emotionally. They don’t even feel bad to jump from one relationship to another. One can also get involved into some sexual crimes in their surroundings or workplaces. Their weird sexual fantasy leads them towards preying on young or minors. They don’t think what they’re doing. This is what happened with Walter Babst whose sexual drive led him to do worst things.

A sexually addicted woman goes for prostitution or they jump from one relationship to another just for the physical need. They seek for no mental attachment. These types of signs can also have some mental and physical side effects. A person involved into sexual fantasy drive would feel lonely, depressed and sometimes ashamed on themselves. The most common physical symptom for sex addiction is feeling immobilized due to sexual or emotional obsessions.


  • A study has said that many people get sexual diseases because of mating different people.
  • Unwanted pregnancy is another effect of sexual addiction. Nearly 70% women have reported to have gone through this.
  • A decline of personal and social relationship 

Apart from these there can be types of STDs, anxiety, depression and other mental disorders that a sexually addicted person has to face.