shoe washing

Sand, stones and glass in the sole spoil the shoes. If you wash your shoes less than once a week, it becomes noticeable: the leather dries and may crack, the protectors wear out more. But everyday washing is not an option, since it is better not to wet the leather once again: because of it, the shoes will lose shape faster. It should be washed as needed.

First, clean all shoes from above, but so that the leather from such washing does not get wet. Then wash the soles with the same sponge in the same water, picking out all the stones and glass if they got stuck.

In those days when the shoes are not washed, wipe them with a special sponge before going out to make them look decent.

Do not wash your shoes with a richly dampened sponge or rag. Only washing under running water can be worse.

Untreated shoes wear out faster inside: the fur falls off, the insole is pushed down. Forever wet shoes lose their shape. Still, they are more likely to become “odorous.” Drying winter boots is better every night regardless of whether it was slushy, because the legs in the shoes sweat in one way or another. For better drying be sure to pull out the insoles.

To dry your shoes well, you need to crumple a few newspaper sheets and put them tightly into the shoes overnight. If possible, use newspapers. It is clear that if the pair is very wet, then you can not do without a dryer or a battery, but these are extreme methods.

In order not to forget to put crumpled newspapers in your shoes, pick up a free press from the mailbox and store a pile in one of the shoe trays in the hallway.

If the only shoes in Manhattan are wet from snow or slush, newspapers are indispensable.

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