Some important basics of poker games

The game of poker was started by Germans in the sixteenth century and it was named as pochen. When the game reached France, its name was changed to poque. In the 1830s, the game got its current name poker. During the American civil war, stud poker was added as a variation. Now there are many versions of poker available on many websites like sbobet. Here we will discuss the basics of poker.

The pack

It consists of 52 cards. In some of the games, one or two jokers are also added to the cards. The game is now played with two packs to increase the speed of the game. One of the dealers deals the card and the previous dealer has to collect and shuffle the card for the next game. When the game starts and the dealer has to deal with the cards, he gives the card to the right-hand player to cut.

Value of cards

There are various forms of poker played online and the players must be familiar with the ranking of the hands. Along with this, players should also make themselves familiar with the betting rounds and the ways to make a bet. There are five cards, which a player has to use to make a hand. Here is the list of hands from the highest rank to the lowest one.

Five of a kind

This is the highest hand, which can be made in those games in which wild cards are used. These wild cards can be a joker, two one-eyed jacks or four deuces. An example can be two Ks and three wild cards can make a hand.

Straight flush

In this kind of hand, the cards are to be present in sequence and all the cards should belong to a single suit. The best hand is A, K, Q, J, 10. This hand is called a royal flush.

Four of a kind

In this kind of hand, four cards are of the same rank and the fifth card can be of any other rank. This fifth card is called the kicker. If there is a tie due to this hand, the kicker is used to declaring the winner.

Full house

In this type of hand, three cards are of the same rank and two other cards are also of the same rank but the rank should be different from the other three cards.


In this type of hand, all cards belong to the same suit but are not arranged in a sequence.


In this type of hand, all cards are arranged in sequence but they should belong to a different suit.

Three of a kind

In this type of hand, three cards are of the same rank and the other two cards are of different ranks. The ranks of other cards should not match with each other.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the basics of Poker, which everybody should keep in mind while playing the game on a website like sbobet. If they are not familiar then they can lose a lot of money in the game.

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