Specific Needs Of A Good Distance Education

Although we must not forget that the distance nature of this learning leaves some of the benefits of face-to-face learning in the open, such as the practical socialization of the students or their interactivity with space and class group, including the teaching team, which they do enjoy.

E-learning implies meeting a set of requirements without which it can hardly be developed, and even more so in a confined context like the current one. Essential factors that are being taken into account for the global implementation of this educational alternative to make it easier to use, even in teaching Chinese for children (ภาษา จีน สำหรับ เด็ก which is the term in Thai)

Essentials For Distance Learning

  • It needs an ICT infrastructure and an Internet connection powerful enough to be able to run effectively. The digital divide has become the most decisive factor for the continuity of student studies worldwide, even though there are not a few substitutes such as the Global Education Coalition or, at the national level, which takes advantage of media before the appearance of these technologies such as television or radio to mitigate, even slightly, the impact that inequality in access to ICT has right now in distance training of students.
  • It requires a minimum of computer and digital knowledge on the part of its users. A factor that generally leaves teachers at a disadvantage compared to their students. Fortunately, there is a growing supply from government entities, companies and other organizations to alleviate, for teachers, a lack of training in these technologies. Without it, digital distance learning can hardly function smoothly or even exist.
  • It implies a degree of self – discipline much greater than in face-to-face training, so it is recommended that, despite its asynchronous possibilities, it be carried out as part of a certain routine. And even more, so considering that right now this training does not work at all. Way of complementing a face-to-face that can regulate it, but as its substitute.

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