Start Smoking marlboro cigarettes the Right Way: What You Need to Know When Buying

If you’re looking to give smoking a try, then one of the best ways to do so is by buying Marlboro cigarettes, after all, this brand has been around for decades, giving smokers plenty of time to experiment with different methods and brands. 


That being said, if you’ve never smoked before and intend to start out with a pack or two, the process can seem overwhelming, it doesn’t help that there are so many different things to consider when buying your first carton. 


Where to Buy Marlboro Cigarettes


While Marlboro cigarettes are definitely one of the best brands for beginners, it can be tricky finding a place that sells them, it’s true that most stores will have a few varieties of Marlboro available, but it’s worth searching local shops as some might carry different brands altogether. 


What’s in a Pack of Marlboro Cigarettes?


Marlboro cigarettes contain tobacco and additives like coloring and flavorings, tobacco is the plant produced inside a cigarette, which is then combusted to produce smoke, the additives are what give the cigarette its distinctive taste and color. 


Different brands have different additives, which is why you’ll often find that Marlboro cigarettes are red, they also have nicotine, which is the addictive chemical that gives you that hit you crave when you smoke. 


The amount of nicotine in a given cigarette will vary depending on the brand and type of tobacco used, but most cigarettes have enough to satisfy most smokers.

How to Smoke Marlboro Cigarettes


Before you start, you’ll need to figure out how many cigarettes you’ll need to smoke to finish off your carton, to do this, take out one cigarette, put it to your lips, and hold it for a few seconds until it’s burning. 


Then, place the entire cigarette to your lips and inhale, to smoke each cigarette, you’ll need to hold it to your lips again but exhale out all the smoke before inhaling again. 


Keep doing this until all the marlboro cigarettes in the pack are smoked, there’s no need to worry about saving the last one for later as you’ll need to finish them all off to get the full nicotine hit.

The Best Brand of Marlboro Cigarettes


While Marlboro is definitely a good brand, it’s not the best brand out there, in our experience, Marlboro is often sold as a low-quality alternative to other brands, so the true winner is hard to determine, however, if you’re looking to start with a long-running brand that’s easy to find, then this is an excellent place to start. 


Final Words – Should You Buy Marlboro Cigarettes?


If you’re looking to start smoking, then Marlboro is one of the best brands for this purpose, this is because it’s been around for decades, making it a tried-and-tested brand that’s easy to find, Marlborois also a well-known brand that has a long history of good reviews from previous customers. 


While there are several other brands you could use to get started, none of them are quite as established as Marlboro and are thus easier to find and if you decide to buy cigarettes from this brand, then make sure to shop around for the best deals and locations. 


Finally, once you have the carton, you’ll need to figure out how to smoke each cigarette to get the most nicotine out of each carton.