Steps To Registering Your Company

The first step to success when registering a company is undoubtedly planning. There is a lot of bureaucracy involved: several documents are requested, various conditions are required.

Without a plan to deal with all of this, you will probably end up going round and round to bring documents back or to meet all the requirements of some stage.

Therefore, we propose the creation of a plan of action when trying to do a company registration (จดทะเบียนการค้าบริษัท which is the term in Thai). These are the times when there are significant problems in registering the company. Plan these moments well, and there will not be much concern.

Steps To Registering A Company

·         Choose the Legal Form of Company To Be Adopted

All your bureaucratic path depends on what will be the legal constitution of your company. There are some models, such as the Individual Microentrepreneur, whose bureaucracy is easy to increase formalization.

On the other hand, some corporations require a substantially more massive bureaucracy.

·         The Choice of the Company Name

We put the selection of the name of the company in the first place because we consider that a short name can bring obstacles for a relatively common reason.

When your company is incorporated, the name will become the Company Name. She must be exclusive! Thus, if another company has the same Corporate Name, another name should be chosen.

·         Define Your Business Activity

To elaborate on the social contract, your company must indicate in which branches it will act since the following regulation and taxation depend on the definition of this aspect.

·         Establish the Location

The location of the company is not only crucial to the success of your company, and it is essential to get the record. In your county, there probably should be specific restrictions on business activity in some locations.

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