The ‘Boob Job’ – Why it’s Not All About Implants

There are many women with naturally big boobs who would do anything to have small, firm, easy to manage boobs. As women reach menopause the breasts gain weight, they become matronly and blubbery, hanging down and making a woman look hot and bothered and yes, older than she should.

Breast Uplifts vary from Person to Person

When one hears the words ‘boob job’ you automatically assume it’s for breast enlargement. There are many women however opting to have their breasts reduced in size and even more opting to have the breasts they have uplifted. It’s not a one-size-fits-all type of operation and the results of a uplift will vary from person to person.

Mastopexy or breast lifts are becoming popular as women realize the perils of huge, heavy boobs and you can learn more about it here. They flop around, you can never wear spaghetti-strapped tops if you intend running, as, without a thick, sturdy bra, your boobs can just pop out. Many women who have had uplift surgery together with a boob reduction say that the benefits make them feel- and look amazing.

A boob lift is so cool as it not only lifts and tightens, it reshapes too, removing all that excess skin and then repositioning the nipple. Of course, there may well be some scars with the removal of excess tissue, but they will fade with time.

Be Well Informed

There are two kinds of uplifts – the traditional and the implant technique. A decent clinic and doctor will advise you on each one so you can go ahead with your decision being well informed. All arrangements will be made for you so that you feel confident that you’ve made the right decisions.

With an implant uplift, a silicone implant provides the uplift. They are inserted very similarly to breast enlargement, providing fullness in the breast with less scarring than the traditional uplift. There is also no need to reposition the nipple.

You need to understand that a boob-lift on its own, doesn’t add volume, but it simply lifts the tissue so that the boobs are higher on the chest.

Breasts Change Throughout Life

Childbirth, breastfeeding, weight-loss and weight-gain, sun damage, lifestyle and menopause can all take their toll – in fact, breasts change throughout life. The reason we mention breast reductions here is that breast lifts often go hand in hand the surgeon removes skin and breast tissue, making everything tighter, smaller, perter and more carefree.

Higher, More Pert Boobs make you Look Younger

To ensure you get the boob lift you want, choose a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in breast surgery. Once you’ve got your firmer, higher boobs, you’ll feel more confident, you’ll look younger and you can always look cool in attractive tops.

Advances in cosmetic surgery mean that the results you get will be wonderfully natural looking and you can be happy with your worthwhile boob-lift decision.