The eight Commandments of football betting

When it comes to football betting, whether you place the online at sites such as fun88 or you decide to do it in person at a brick and mortar casino, if you want to become a bettor who is profitable, there will be a need for you to come up with your own betting strategy.

How do you achieve that? It is a good beginning if you know of some of the simple rules that you ought to embrace. Then when you get to understand what you think is going to work for you, you can adjust your strategy further.

The following are the Eight Commandments when it comes to football. When you keep them in mind all the time, they are simple rules which can increase your chances of winning significantly:

  • Rule no.1: Avoid betting on your favorite team. If you want to try honestly in making money, you need to ensure that you are always unbiased. When you are betting on your favorite team, chances are that, your judgment will be clouded.
  • Rule no.2: Have a staking plan to work with. Once you get to identify a value bet, the next thing you should ask yourself is the amount you are going to bet on it. The answer will be determined by the confidence that you have in the bet and the amount that the value you think you will get.
  • Rule no.3: Don’t try chasing. If you try to get money back, you are likely going to land in trouble, spoiling your entire day. For you to make money in betting on football, it is important that you remain disciplined.
  • Rule no.4: Try sticking to singles or doubles. Though hard to predict the outcome of a single match, no matter how many teams you are going to pick, there will be a result that is going to let you down when it is more than one.
  • Rule no.5: You shouldn’t bet on sports if you find out that it is affecting your health. If you are a hard loser, if you have bad ticker, if you happen to have high blood pressure, or you are unable to let the bad beats, then betting on football is not for you as the losing is something that is inevitable.
  • Rule no.6: Ensure to pay attention to the news of the teams. An injury that happens to a key striker or a captain that gets suspended might greatly affect and swing the odds to your favor.
  • Rule no. 7: Choose the markets carefully before placing your bet. The markets regarded as best are the match odds and some of the markets of goals. The correct scores, the halftime/fulltime, and other markets in that category have profit margins which are high.
  • Rule no.8: When it comes to your bets, ensure to keep records. It is essential that you do that so that you know the amount of money that you lose or make. It is going to help you in deciding on your plan for staking and make it clear that you stop if there is no money which you are making in the long run