Tips for buying and selling a collectible doll

When you love, you don’t count, but the feel affection for of dolls still involve a sure number of precautions: collectors, seasoned or easy amateurs, the artist in dolls, even parents who desire to make a beautiful gift to their children, are inevitably led to ask questions when buying or selling a collection doll. The reason for this section is to help them answer these questions rationally and to direct them to the appropriate interlocutors, sites, or forums.

The worth of your dolls: recognition

The doll market is volatile, to say the least: a given doll can be highly rated for a small number of years, then gradually lose its worth without rational explanation. This makes custom bobblehead, all the additional difficult to estimate the cost of your dolls. The primary step in this estimation is identification. There is no point in trying to get an approximation of their market value if you don’t have a clue about the fabric used, the era, the manufacturer, or the style of the doll. Recognition, you will almost immediately realize, is a daunting task for some dolls. Here are the major steps to identify the name and / or manufacturer of a collectible doll.

Examine the doll

Before anything else, cautiously examine the doll in the good glow. Record its dimension, the material from which it is made, the kind of eyes (glass, plastic), the details of the hairstyle and costume, including any labeling. Then make sure and note the marking of the doll: behind the neck, under the arms, on the back, on the torso and from time to time on the feet; all numbers, letters, names, and symbols are important, markings may include a model name, year of manufacture, serial number, and brand name or initials.

Who is the manufacturer?

If the brands hold the name of a manufacturer, you’ve come halfway, but this is far from being a general case. Usually, dolls produced after 1890 are marked with the country of origin. If the manufacturer’s name is not spelled out, consult the resources for identification to determine this name. Some reference works or sites list the brands in alphabetical or numerical order. In addition, many personalized bobblehead dolls are marked with a mold number, which is sometimes enough to identify the manufacturer.

Visually identify your doll

Is your doll not marked? Your job will be additional difficult: you will have to seem for it in the books to find it and recognize it visually.