Top 3 Types of Asbestos Survey in 2021

Asbestos testing is one of the best practices to perform especially in commercial real estate, to see if there are successful and complete transactions across all types of multifamily building. Conducting an asbestos survey helps to detect the asbestos fibers present in the building or construction materials.

Asbestos is heat, chemical resistant, and durable when used. However, a slight mistake and the compound is leaked into the environment can result in monumental damages to the environment. Also, these compounds can cause disease risk to a human being such as cancer among other fatal diseases in the world.

It’s no joke to perform asbestos testing on your construction materials. Testing which primarily might involve sampling and laboratory analysis of construction materials can help to detect the asbestos fibers in your building materials.

That’s said: you might be novel longing to conduct an asbestos survey, due to insufficient data concerning the whole process, you get puzzled to get the best type of asbestos survey to embrace, right?

If this is you, worry not. In this blog, we’ve done the hard part and documented some of the topmost types of asbestos surveys you might subscribe to this year.

Still reading, let’s dive into the plunge:

  1. Asbestos Screening
  2. Limited Asbestos Survey
  3. Pre-Renovation Asbestos Survey

Asbestos Screening

 This is the best type of survey to embrace if you’re looking to survey your building or construction materials.

As discuss earlier, these compounds are hazardous to human health, therefore, asbestos screening is deemed to be the impeccable solution especially if the damaged construction materials being repaired might pose severe and potential health risks to the building occupants.

By in-depth screening, when the materials are being sampled, ACM might be suspected to present or identified by using asbestos screening.

This process is essentially utilized on HUD projects and is sometimes termed a transactional survey.

Limited Asbestos Survey

This is another type of survey that is based sampling on client’s needs, and construction materials such as walls, siding, roof, and or any singular area where ACM is noticeable.

This survey is primarily more grounded on a sampling of building materials and ACM detection.

Pre-Renovation Asbestos Survey

A pre-renovation asbestos survey is popularly known as the Path of Construction asbestos survey.

Therefore, this is a comprehensive survey based on construction materials but restricted to the path of actual building materials or construction. For instance, this type of survey could be perfectly answered when revamping a single storefront in a mall.

This survey will also ensure that the renovation of a building taking place in that place would not have a negative impact on the immediate environment or release ACM to certain places that might be interfered with during renovation or construction activities.