Top 5 changes are coming in 2022 in Medicare Advantage

In today’s era, covid-19 makes a massive difference in medical care. Everyone wants to be protected from this virus, but there are only a few of us who are protected. Thus, you need some supplements that help you in these crises, so Mutual of Omaha Medicare supplement 2022 is here for you. This is an organization that provides that offers Medicare Supplement plans in 2022. However, Mutual of Omaha is also an excellent option for Medicare insurance.

Due to covid-19, the overall cost of health care has been increased, so the Medicare organization are facing financial problem. Thus the upcoming plans can help them out in this situation. CMS (Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services) released some rules for Part D and MA payment methodologies. These rules are announced before the covid-19, and some are still in progress. In this content, we are going to discuss the plan changes which are coming in 2022.

New risk methodology

  • The payment growth will be higher than expectations, so the risk is also higher. The management needs to make accurate plans to overcome the risk factor.
  • Here the challenge is for MA plans, and they need to calculate all the data for accurate scores.
  • The new MA organization needs to reach partners with high experience in calculating the risk scores and avoid financial loss.

Effective payment growth

  • The effective payment rate has been increased, which can be a good sign for the MA organization.
  • But for this, they need to take care of all the aspects, which include the risk factor and health care,
  • The MA needs to close the gap at the end of the year and identify a new health plan.


  • Telehealth is an essential thing for MA plans in addressing health behavior and social determinants.
  • In a survey, it is defined that the accuracy in data has been increased, as all the things are done without any problem.

New Rx HCC Model

  • The Rx HCC Model may impact an MA organization.
  • Through the research, it explains that the risk factor has been decreased, which may reduce the revenue for MA in drug costs.
  • This plan may recover the loss of the coming year.

ESRD Restriction Lift

For the very first time, ESRD will allow you to enroll in the plan.

  • Membership is the primary goal of MA, but the cost of end-stage renal disease (ESRD) is high to manage.
  • They need all the accurate data from the ESRD to reduce the financial loss, and for this, they have to mention all the main aspects of the contract.


Those who are vaccinated from Covid-19 will get some advantages. The accurate data and manage the change from 2021 to 2022 will goes with the flow for the MA organization. With the help of Mutual of Omaha Medicare supplement 2022, you will get to know about all the plans with a variety of offers.