Top-notch tips for a better psilocybe cubensis mushroom experience

The psilocybe mushrooms are also known by the name of penis envy cubensis. They are not similar to ordinary breeds of mushrooms regarding any characteristics like power, protein, shape, color, and many more. The history of penis envy mushroom is probably unique. It had been proved that penis envy cubensis was firstly visible in the rainforest jungle of the Amazon. 

You might be wonder about the fact, penis envy cubensis was illegal or banned in the majority of the countries till 1970. After 1970, most countries start to accept this breed of mushroom with the passage of time. Penis envy cubensis is a very rare kind of mushroom and not available commonly in the market. It is a fact; you are unable to find anyone in your surrounding who is dealing in penis envy mushroom. 

If you are willing to consume this kind of mushroom, then you can buy penis envy online without any complications. It is commonly available on numerous online platforms. Below mentioned are some prominent tips which can help you in getting a better experience of penis envy cubensis.        

Have a buddy

If you are a beginner in the world of penis envy cubensis, then there is a chance of consuming overdose, which can lead to making numerous wrong situations. It is one of the most prominent tips for beginners; they should find a friend or team up with someone who had proper experience regarding the use of penis envy cubensis. It is recommended that 1.25 grams to 2 grams are the perfect dose for a beginner. 

If you consume penis envy cubensis in the limit, then it will show instant positive impacts on your body. You can easily unwind your entire stress just by taking a dose of penis envy cubensis, but if you ever consume overdose, then negative impacts will be stronger in contrast to positive.  

Understand the dosage of various levels

You should stay aware regarding to the dose of penis envy cubensis because it is a highly potent strain and significantly more robust than regular or ordinary strains. As mentioned ahead, 1.25 gram to 2 gram is enough for a beginner. You can easily buy penis envy online from any trusted platform.

If you had experience regarding the dose, you could take upto 4 grams, and if you exceed 4 grams, then it will be harmful to your body. It is recommended that you should not eat at least 2 to 3 hours after consuming penis envy cubensis. You should also chew the mushroom slowly and purely, which leads to absorb psilocybin in your body.    

Be in a good mental and emotional state.

If you are consuming high or overdose of penis envy cubensis, then it can lead to trigger emotions or any kind of existing mental disorder. If you are suffering from any mental illness, an overdose of penis envy cubensis will work like poison on your body or mind. If your doctor is adding penis envy cubensis in your prescription, then you should tell them about your existing mental disorder. It will help doctors for fixing a proper dose for you.