Towing Car: How To Do On The Highway

There are a number of things to know when you crash on the highway. The situation of danger and urgency created submits to some obligations. It is forbidden to tow one’s vehicle using a second car. Clear instructions must be followed. Let’s explain this a bit. You have to put the vehicle on the emergency stop band so as not to cause an accident and immediately pass on the other side of the railings.

The Breakdown

Every 2km, an emergency terminal is located and allows you to reach a 24-hour breakdown service. Troubleshooting is reserved for a specialized and decorated company. The convenience store is required to arrive on site less than 30 minutes after using the terminal, and if the vehicle cannot restart within 30 minutes, it must be towed and removed from the highway. If a motorist breaks down and does not submit to the obligation to alert the services concerned, he may be fined and withdrawn. In addition, if an unforeseeable failure is tolerated, a gasoline outage will also be subject to verbalization.


The repairman will start the towing and 3 possibilities will be offered to the motorist. Towing to a rest area and repair on it, towing to the repair shop with a tow truck (รถยก which is the term in Thai) of which the convenience store is a part and finally towed to a destination chosen by the motorist within 5 kilometers after the motorway exit. Rates are subject to a cap; these rates must be posted on the truck of the convenience store. For any other action than those mentioned above, the convenience store is free to practice the rates it wants. Falling on the highway is very expensive, so it is better to properly maintain the vehicle and ensure its good mechanical condition to using the highways and expressways without risk of failure. Beyond the cost of the breakdown, the passengers of the vehicles are endangered by the immobilization on a lane reserved for high-speed traffic. You should know that towing on any other lane is subject to a maximum speed of 50km / h.

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