Translation is a bridge that joins the world

Translation has multidimensional significance in our life. Translation not only helps the nation in building a relationship with other countries, it also paves the way for globalization. English is the only language that has a wide reach, but, the impact of local language still remains high. With the growth in the digital media, it has become easy to reach people across the border, which has caused a rise in the demand for translation service. The translation industry has seen a major boost because of globalization. It is used to translate written material, sign language, software translation, etc. Translation is the medium that binds two different languages like Thai to English Translation [แปลภาษาไทยเป็นอังกฤษ, which is the term in Thai].

Types of translation services

  • Judicial translation: People generally confuse judicial translation with legal translation. However, they both are different as judicial translation refers to the translation that takes place in a court setting. The translators are specialists in translating minute proceedings, expert opinions, judgements, etc. Judicial translation is one of the most used types of translation service.
  • Literary translation: This is one of the most difficult types of translation service. The translator here is required to analyse the content and find the semantic content for the original text. Literature is a subject that uses a word thathas different meanings and connotations to a single word. The translator, while translating, has to keep in mind the style in which the writer has couched the ideas.
  • Financial translation: This type of translation is mostly used in the commercial market. The financial sector is a wide sector which incorporates the stock market, banking service, financial institutions, and business organizations. The translator is hired to translate important financial documents. The financial documents include annual reports, audit reports, registration documents, etc.

Need and importance of translation service

  • Hiring a language translator makes it easy to attract a larger audience as it increases the reach of the business. To reach an audience on a global level, you need a medium. The translation is the medium which binds the world.
  • They are also needed in the medical sector. The translators bridge the gap of communication between the hospital management and the patient as they have good knowledge of the medical terms.
  • The translator is needed to interact with people across the border. This will create harmony and peace between the neighbouring countries.
  • We even need a translator on digital platforms to understand the technicalities if the platform. There are many software applications that we use; it cannot be done if the terms are not translated properly.