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There are many people who are unemployed due to their age factor. And they think that they cannot get the job as their age is above qualification level. Mainly women have qualifications, but they have been rejected by their age factor.

To inspire this type of people around the world. ‘36 Vayasulo’ movie has been released where many can be inspired by watching this movie as it has great content from a woman.

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The movie 36Vayasulo was directed by Roshan Andrrews under the production of PuriJaganaddh. The movie is about a woman who becomes inspirational to many by doing small things greatly.

Actress Jyothika is named as Vasanthi whose age is 36, and she works as UD clerk in the revenue department. She has a friendly husband who works in ALL INDIA RADIO. He has a dream to emigrate to Ireland and get settled. But Vasanthi doesn’t like it as she will not get any sort of job due to age factor. She is a simple woman, but she does all things greatly. One day she meets her friend Susan David who is a successful CMO. There he reminds Vasanthi about her dreams and what is her capacity. Then she realizes and wants to do wedding catering orders. Then she learns the process and knows what type of vegetables should be used. To know more about the movie watch the movie online at Aha.

Artists performance


Jyothika has acted very well in given roles and also showed how she is capable of acting in the movies as an actress in any type of movie. Other cast has given their best performance in getting the movie successful. Comedy was well-made to attract the audience.

Technical aspects


BDM  was attractive to make the movie look good. Cinematography  is ok. Camera has been used well for the perfection of the scenes which have been taken. Locations which are selected have suited the movie.



  1. The movie 36 Vayasulo has the best story where many can get inspired by watching the character of Jyothika.

  1. You can enjoy the comedy and get entertained while you are watching the movie.

  1. Music has been composed very well and got the name for the music director.


Cast and crew


Actor: Rahman

Actress: Jyothika

Other characters: Abhirami, Nassar

Director: RoshhanAndrrews

Producer: Suriya

Music director: Santhosh Narayanan

Release date: 15th May 2015



The movie has been good as it has a good theme as well as a good  story to inspire many. Cast has acted very well for the success of the movie. You can enjoy the music when you are watching the movie. Overall it is the movie where many can get inspired.

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