Weirdest things people store in a self storage unit

Storage units are extremely useful, and can be used to store all manner of things. Most self storage facilities will allow you to store most items, with just a few rules about the sort of things that you shouldn’t store. Even then, people can end up putting strange things in their self storage units, and even forgetting about them – and that’s just the people who follow the rules. There have been many strange things found in storage units over the years, which are often discovered when someone else opens up the unit. You would be surprised by many of the things that have been found in storage units.

Urns and Ashes

Keeping the ashes of a loved one isn’t particularly unusual. Many people choose to spread them in a special place, but others decide to keep them in an urn or box and even put them on display. Some people might even choose to store them in a storage unit if they don’t have much space at home. What’s more unusual to find is an actual dead body. In 2012, a family discovered their grandmother’s remains in a casket had been stored in a storage unit. Circumstances made it difficult for the woman, Ann Bunch, to be buried, so her daughter took her body to her storage unit.

Priceless Memorabilia

Many storage units have turned up all sorts of priceless memorabilia, which is what many people are hoping to find on programmes like Storage Wars. Storage units have turned up things like unreleased music by Michael Jackson, found in his father’s storage unit, the memorabilia that Burt Reynolds had collected over his career, and the first ever Superman comic. One storage unit in Long Island, New York even turned up a submarine car that had been used in the James Bond film, The Spy Who Loved Me. It was later purchased by Elon Musk, founder of Tesla, for almost $1 million.

A Rocket

One of the strangest things to be found in a storage unit has to be the NASA rocket found in a storage locker in Miami, Florida, in 2011. It was discovered along with a countdown clock by two people from the show Auction Hunters, in a storage unit that they spent $1500 on. They had the items authenticated by an expert in space memorabilia before selling them on to someone else. It’s not recommended that you keep rockets in your storage unit.


Self storage units are perfect for keeping large collections. Collecting items can be a fun hobby, but some people collect interesting things. People’s collections can range from some of the usual things like stamps and coins to more unusual collections, like whisky, vinyl records or even downright strange items like rubber ducks. If someone is interested in collecting it and it’s allowed by the storage facility, you can probably find it in a storage unit somewhere.

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