What causes pain on the inner side of the knee?

Knee pain is something rarely people think about unless it greatly affects their ability to walk or performing athletic task. There are a plethora of knee conditions ranging from minor to a serious condition. It is, however, useful to categorise the knee pain based on the duration and site of the pain. One particular type of knee pain is the inner side of the knee.

This category of pain in the inner side of the knee is often specific for only a certain cause with a characteristic history and presentation usually enough for the medical expert to figure out the causes of such pain. The presentation will include the need for knee examination which at the hand of an expert medical professional, is almost as good as doing other investigations.

What are the causes of inner side pain of the knee? 

  • Medial Collateral Ligament Tear

This is as the name suggest which is a tear of the medial collateral ligament. It is commonly happening as a result of injury from outside of the knee or a condition where the knee is forced outward by a great impact or force. The knee will typically swell and red in colour due to inflammation and possibly internal haemorrhage.

The knee will become very unstable as a result of losing support from the ligament which makes the person to “give way” as they are trying to walk. The condition will be treated with ice packs, bed rest, pain medication and knee immobilisation. In severe form of the tear, it might need surgical intervention.

  • Medial Meniscal Tear

Another tear but this time on the supporting structure called the meniscus. The meniscus is a half-disc shaped structure that functions to absorb some of the pressure in the knee. A tear of the meniscus can happen due to sudden strong twisting of the knee or deceleration injury during sudden turning.

Patients classically presented with knee stiffness, swelling and a locking sensation of the knee. Sometimes the patient can even hear a popping sound during the time of injury. Management is similar to the above but with preferential of an arthroscopic (a scope procedure) surgery repairing the torn meniscus.

  • Medial Shelf or “Plica” Syndrome

This is a condition when the synovial fold above the medial meniscus started to inflamed. It can occur due to repetitive stress or blunt injury to the side of the knee. It often affects young athletes and suggested with symptoms such as pain and locking of the knee especially when standing or walking up the stairs.

It is best diagnosed by using an arthroscope but in most cases, it is not needed as the management involved are similar to the conditions mentioned above with additional aid of physiotherapy for quick recovery.

In conclusion, knee pain can be due to a multitude of factors aside from injury. The pain always is debilitating as patients will have difficulty doing a day-to-day activity that involves walking or even standing up. If you have questions regarding any of the knee condition, get answers by doctors now to have a diagnosis and treatment tailored for you.

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