What Happens When You Get Thermage Face Rejuvenation? 


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We all know sagging skin and wrinkles are part of growing old. But, do you know why our skin sags as we get older? There’s a protein called collagen that our skin produces. This protein keeps our skin tight and healthy. With age, our skin produces less and fewer amounts of collagen. As a result, the skin deteriorates, and our faces are full of wrinkles. Skincare lotions, creams, etc., can temporarily make your skin look better. But, they don’t treat the deep skin layers that produce collagen. That’s why Thermage Face Rejuvenation procedures are currently so popular. It’s the only skincare solution that addresses the problem of collagen production in the skin.

How Does Thermage Face Rejuvenation Work? 

The latest Thermage machines use “Radiofrequency Technology.” The machines apply very high radio frequencies to the skin. These frequencies create heat and vibrations, which stimulate the deep skin layers. These layers are rich in collagen. Heating and stimulating these layers leads to increased collagen production. Don’t worry – these machines also come with cooling systems. The radio-frequencies will never be hot or strong enough to harm the patient’s skin. The frequencies will only transmit heat energy to the collagen fibers. This energy eliminates all water molecules in the fibrin collagen. Without water, the collagen shrinks, giving the appearance of firm skin. Plus, experts always use anesthetics before performing this procedure.

What Happens After Thermage Face Rejuvenation?

The best experts perform Thermage very safely and responsibly. Patients may experience some redness on their skin for 1-2 hours after the procedure. But, they can return to their day-to-day activities after completing the procedure. Patients don’t feel any major discomfort. Over the next two months, their skin’s collagen production capacities increase. By the sixth month (after the one-time treatment), the skin looks completely new, fresh, and rejuvenated!