Why Research is Crucial For Buying Condo in the area of ​​Charan

Research about the service or product you are planning to buy is a crucial aspect of the purchase process. And when it is about purchasing a house, the stake is higher. Unless you understand the pros and cons of buying the different types of buildings, how will you decide whether you want a stand-alone building or a Condo in the area of ​​Charan [คอน โด ย่าน รั , which is the term in Thai]? So pick up your smartphone and start looking for information regarding the following few vital factors. 

Assessing the suitability

Before deciding to buy the condominium, you have to know what it is. Basically, the condo will be a single unit within some multiple-unit property; it will be more of an apartment-style and free-standing home. You will be owning one of many units in the shared structure, just like in a high-rise building. And the additional perks?

  • Pro-rata share of common areas and amenities like playgrounds, gyms, parks, pools, and more. 
  • The land underneath your home. 
  • The Association of the condo will handle the maintenance and complete communication with all the residents.

If you think the structure will be suitable for staying, then you should start looking for the Condo in the area of ​​Charan [คอน โด ย่าน รั , which is the term in Thai]. 

Assessing the property management company

Thorough research is essential to know who will be in charge of the property’s upkeep. If you want the best maintenance for the condo, then it is almost mandatory to review the track record of the company in property management. Otherwise, it can negatively impact the property’s value or push the HOA dues higher. When touring the condo, don’t forget to ask who will be in charge of the daily maintenance. Check the company’s reputation and then decide. 

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