Why So Many People Want to Live in Big Cities

It seems that the big cities that we all know about from childhood have always been that way: huge, sprawling, full of people and cars always hustling about. Think about some of the largest cities in Canada: Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, and Vancouver come to mind.

How do those cities stay so big and crowded? There must be something keeping people there, something attractive. Why, for instance, are there more people looking for real estate in Toronto than for somewhere out in the farmlands?

Sure, the countryside gets its due, but it can’t hold a candle to big-city living if we’re talking about human population.

Our question is: why?

Well, let’s answer that. Why do so many people want to live in big cities? Let’s get into it.

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

Probably the number one reason people like the huge cities is because of the available jobs there. Cities are where transactions happen. They are home to businesses, restaurants, governments, and everywhere else that employs people.

And because the financial demands of city life are often high, the salaries for these jobs are high, too. People like that, so they move to a big city to be where all the great career opportunities are. Makes sense to us.

The Schools

The same concept applies to schools. People need to be educated if they want to hold professional employment and make a good living. To do that, they need to find a good school that teaches a program they want. And those schools are more often than not located in a metropolis such as Toronto.

To go to these schools, people would do well to move to those cities. Once again, it just makes sense. This is not to say that no good schools can be found in the countryside, but if you want the largest and best institutes of higher learning, you’ll probably need to get to some large cities.

The Entertainment

Lastly, big cities just have more to do than the rural areas of a country. In big cities, you’ll find everything from bars to restaurants to concerts to museums and so much more. It figures that these kinds of places would set up shop in large cities: their audiences are all right there!

People like the big-city life because they never have to be bored on a weekend. Those who like the idyllic countryside are welcome to it, but for those who live for those sprawling cityscapes, know that you certainly have a lot of resources right at your doorsteps.

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