Advantages And Disadvantages Of Lip Filling

Lip filling is one of the fastest-growing aesthetic procedures in the world, ensuring increased self-esteem and even correcting imperfections. With that in mind, it’s worth knowing some advantages and disadvantages of the technique to put it on the scale and make your choice.

The result is natural:

Whenever applied by a qualified professional, such as a plastic surgeon, and taking into account the measurements of your face, you will see a really beautiful result. It turns out that lip filling allows you to have a more drawn and voluminous mouth, but without looking like it’s artificial.

For this reason, when performing the procedure, talk to the professional about the final result you expect to have. More importantly, remember that the mouth may initially be a little swollen, but the amount of product applied must be carefully considered.

So, without exaggeration, you can love the image you see in the mirror even more.

Lip filling needs 48 hours after application:

As with other cosmetic procedures, Lips filler (ฟิลเลอร์ปาก which is the term in Thai can be considered somewhat invasive, even though it is not surgery.

As a result, one of the disadvantages is that, after the procedure, a waiting time of 48 hours is recommended. During this period, it is common for the lips to become slightly swollen and have purple bruises. This is because the application tends to force that region a bit.

Even if you see the difference, you may need to wait a little longer to see the final result, which can appear within a week, varying according to each organism. So it’s better to drop the idea of ​​having the procedure and run to a party. Give your body time.

Quick procedure:

Another advantage related to lip filling refers to the duration of the procedure.

Especially when we talk about needles/injections, many people already get goosebumps and fear that the whole thing is absolute torture. Well, not quite.

In addition to being used with caution, which means few applications per procedure, these fillings use very fine needles, which reduce the sensations or pain caused by the product.

At the same time, the procedure to enlarge the lips usually lasts, on average, an hour or less, which makes the discomfort quite bearable. On the other hand, it is necessary to remember that pain can be very relative, depending on the sensitivity of each patient.

Therefore, the use of some local anesthetic or not during the process may be indicated, as some people leave the session and return to work, while others are free for a few hours or the rest of the day.